Pioneering Travel Agency Remembers Windrush Generation Heritage

Published: Thu Aug 16 2018

Family-run SN Travel played a key part in helping the Windrush generation return home to the Caribbean to visit their families and are now celebrating their 45th anniversary.

Back during the late 60s and early 70s, the limited plane travel options to the Caribbean on the commercial airlines, despite airlines like early versions of British Airways, Pan-Am and TWA.
SN Travel founder, Lesley Joseph, first chartered a flight to the Caribbean in 1969, responding to demand from the growing number of migrants making the trip to the UK. Joseph soon found himself inundated with requests and inquiries for travel to the Caribbean.

After chartering flights to the Caribbean in time for Christmas, the enquiries kept rolling in and as time went by and flights increased, SN Travel was born and soon found themselves catering to generations of Windrush families, as they do to this day.

"We’re proud of our heritage as one of the pioneers in air travel to the Caribbean from the UK," says Sandra Dyer, Director at SN Travel. "Providing this vital service for generations, we’ve seen the travel marketplace open up and helped international travel become more accessible and convenient. This is a mission we’re still just as enthusiastic about, 45 years later."

Having served as a key stepping stone between the UK and the Caribbean since 1973. Specialist Caribbean travel agency, SN Travel, are celebrating their 45th year in business. This event marks much more than a birthday – both for SN Travel itself and the four generations of customers that still use SN Travel for their Caribbean travel requirements.

Whilst today, still operating from their original Stoke Newington travel agency, SN Travel is still dedicated to its specialism in Caribbean travel, but now also helps connect the UK to other locations, with worldwide holidays, cruises and safari holidays as well as access to tours, events and group holidays.

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