Dynamic, Customer- Driven and Innovative - BoxedTech Promises the Best Prices in the UK Market

Published: Fri Aug 17 2018

Recently launched as the newest member of the UK’s smartphone industry, BoxedTech is an online retailer of leading smartphone devices, tabs, and mobile accessories. With an inventory stocked with crowd favourites such as the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy S9, customers access the best phone deals regardless of what they choose.

BoxedTech also excels in budget technology. For buyers looking for a phone or tablet device that won’t break the bank, the company is replete with some equally compelling product options. Beyond the usual suspects, devices from a range of mobile manufacturers including Huawei, OnePlus, and CAT feature an important part of BoxedTech’slineup.

In a statement, Paul Langston, BoxedTech’s CEO highlighted: "our goal is to make sure our customers get exactly what they want at the best prices in the U.K. We started this journey to fill a gap in the market – to give our customers an uncomplicated, transparent purchase experience, supported with an exceptional customer care.

For a quick look into the background and unique value additions of this dynamic force, keep reading to find out why you should choose BoxedTech for the best phone deals!


A company with humble beginnings, BoxedTech started its journey with nothing more than a few devices and a steadfast commitment to exceptional customer service.

With the aim of catering to any budget or requirement, the company’s fish-eye focus has allowed them to grow and expand in a very short period.

The recognition of a need for contract-free, affordable, easily accessible, online products for consumers all over the UK led to the establishment of this online store. Since then, the company has only been on an upward journey - increasing both their product range and a loyal customer base.

SIM-free options

Apart from its superior inventory of products, the company also challenges competitors in a much more significant way - through the provision of SIM-free devices.

Despite the advance of technology and mobile service, the battle between SIM-free products versus those with preset carrier plans is one that still rages on. With the ability to access more affordable mobile plans, enjoy a greater range of products, and the flexibility to change smartphones and plans when required, SIM-free smartphones are a popular choice.

Ablog written by the retailer on this subject provides a more thorough analysis as to why SIM-free is the way to go. With preset contract options, affordability is one of the biggest challenges. Here, users reportedly rack up expensive monthly bills and are forced to sign up for mobile plans that don’t suit their network usage and lifestyle.

In addition to this, there’s also a complete loss of flexibility - buyers have no choice but to stick to the contract for the specified period or pay expensive cancellation fees. Further, they’re also liable to exorbitant roaming fees, which can wipe the smile off even the most carefree customer.

Thought leadership in the field

In addition to these services, the company has also successfully positioned itself as a thought leader through its weekly blogs on industry news and insights.

Covering a plethora of topics from how to avail oneself of the latest tech to choosing the most affordable high-quality tabs and smartphones, there’s no stone left unturned on the BoxedTech blog. For the followers of its various social media channels, the company imparts knowledge and information that empowers them to make the best decisions.

Online services

Despite the reluctance and misgivings many share about opting for the best phone deals online, BoxedTech promises the utmost transparency from start to finish.

With the provision of European manufacturer warranties, an easily accessible customer support team, secure payment facilities, and all the information you may need, customers are placed at the forefront of the company. Understanding that many may be somewhat reluctant to make mobile purchases over the internet, BoxedTech has already made a reputation for itself in making customer experience smooth, hassle, and anxiety-free.

Choose BoxedTech for the best phone deals on the market!

With all the signs of a future leader in the industry, BoxedTech is a reliable choice for the best phone deals online. Beyond just its impressive smartphone range, however, the company also excels in tablet devices and handy phone accessories.

Thus, for buyers who are tired ofambiguous pricing, poor customer service, unreliable service providers, and unfavourable mobile contracts, this online retailer is a refreshing choice in today’s market.
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