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Published: Mon Aug 20 2018

Tech2Globe launched 2nd Version of Cloud based system i.e. Human Resource Management System (HRMS) to help companies Human Resource Department to track, maintain and create every activity of their each Employee without any error. Along with this launched, Tech2Globe offer 30 days of absolutely Free Trial of HRMS for every new user.
Tech2Globe’s team of developers and designers put their full efforts to build HRMS. It is an effective and best combination to track employees in & out time as well as it is the solution of Payroll. Some features of Human Resource Management System (HRMS) are listed below: -

• Leave & Attendance Management
• Integrated with Bio metric Machine
• Document Management on Google Drive
• Employee Self Services
• Expense Management
• Expense Management
• Payroll Management
• e Mail Alerts and so on features

Full details about the HRMS and get the free access licenses at

Before the officially launched of 2nd Version of HRMS, Tech2Globe represented Beta version of HRMS in the event of Global Exhibition of Services (GES) in Mumbai, India at May 11 to May 15, 2018 and CEBIT in Hannover, Germany at June 11 to June 15, 2018 as well. In both events, Tech2Globe’s representatives present HRMS in front of the thousands of thousands visitors and buyers came across the world. We got some valuable feedback which help our team to make such changes and improve the quality of HRMS.

"With the help of HRMS, companies HRs can easily track the Employees in & out time with biometric, manage all documents and create exact Employees Payroll with the calculation of over-time, leaves & attendance, leave balance and so on, with no one error. This system create full vision of transparency and provide crystal clear stats", said Mr. Harpreet Singh - Tech2Globe’s CTO.

In the previous version of HRMS, we missed such things to add in HRMS, such as – not all the biometric machines integrate with HRMS, unable to Payroll Management feature to generate automatic payroll of each employees, document management and also live status of daily in & out attendance. But, with the increasing demand of organization’s needs, understand the whole work structure from starting to end and consider every points that helped organization to increase their productivity, motivated us to create a new version of HRMS in the form of Version 2 with all those benefits that we missed in the previous version of HRMS with add on some new features.

Along with, an Employee can also check their complete status like – in & out time, leave balance, attendance calendar, holidays, overtime, etc. by just login with their username and with password. And, if something will wrong with the attendance or mark an absent by mistake then employee can able to drop a status change request by directly put their details in that particular section with the reason. HRMS is very easy to use for everyone and it cut the deception and minimize the fraud.

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