No More Waiting - “Oryx” Announces Launching of ICO for Their Startup Incubator OryxCash Oryx, a project of Oryx Prive Investment LLC, Dubai has launched their Initial Coin Offering of OryxCash.

[ClickPress, Tue Aug 21 2018] Oryx leverages a new digital economy that is going to flood the world with a new way to conduct financial transactions. Oryx mission is to become a complete financial ecosystem that creates value through fundamentals of investment into startups, which will hold future multiple real monetary values while creating a social value when these startups become the future employers of the world.

OryxCash is an asset-backed cryptocurrency investment that can give you more confidence in life bringing your investments to a whole new level.

Solving the Right Problems
Many entrepreneurs have great ideas but struggle to bring them to fruition due to a lack of funding. Venture Capital funding provides an important link between finance and innovation as they are intended to propel a product’s success or growth in the marketplace.

Although VC Industry has been shown a proven track record over the years and still bear a significant potential in hand, it is becoming more of the exclusive domain of the rich and famous because of the issues such as: No visibility of the funds being invested, no early exit option leading to 7–10 year lockups, High entry barriers and complication involving investment in technical projects etc.

Oryx Platform and its major products

“Oryx” clearly has a better solution. It aims to resolve these issues faced by VC industry through the creation of a decentralized financial ecosystem and distribution of the fundraising process into the community: through deployment on the blockchain, and tokenization through the issuance of OryxCash tokens.

It will strive to create a financial ecosystem where everything will be integrated like a completed value chain.

Oryx blockchain development team has already launched and listed an open source decentralized cryptocurrency that enables electronic peer-to-peer instant payments in cash-less blockchain architecture called OryxCoin. It will work as the utility coin in Oryx financial ecosystem and would serve a bigger domain than traditional cryptocurrencies.

It will be distributed by issuance through monetizing the appreciation of growth recorded in startups and will allow its holders to be used as a medium of payment for exchange and storage of value.

Oryx Economy of Things

In our pursuit of providing a completely functional financial ecosystem, Oryx envisions an economy of things where OryxCash will be providing Wealth Management services by investing into and managing a portfolio promising business ideas as a Venture Capitalist and functions as an equity coin for its holders, and OryxCoin will serve as the revenue capturing Coin.

By investing into various sectors like Sport, Entertainment, Fintech, Science, Transportation, Identity Security, Real Estate and Charity via OryxCash, the token holder is entitled to a percentage of revenue from the underlying business evaluation through distribution at 1:1 value of OryxCoin.

Another Key product named OryxPay will be connected to the wallet holding the OryxCash, OryxCoin and other major cryptocurrencies — with the payment gateway enabled through a pre-paid MasterCard. This way, it would be providing access to avail goods and services or withdraw fiat currencies using the MasterCard network against the cryptocurrency holdings in the wallet.

In addition, the investors can also link fiat currency to their Oryx Mobile Pay and Oryx MasterCard for alternative payment options. Oryx partner retailers will have the ability to accept OryxCoin as a medium of payment through the OryxPay Wallet App.

This will facilitate the OryxCoin holders to use their digital tokens just like a fiat money and provide added liquidity to the user coins.

OryxCash ICO
Oryx is a product of over 20 months of continuous hard work of its founders, team members, and advisory board. In light of the innovation and open market niche involved in launching this platform, Oryx benefits from first-mover advantage, and as its apps and business models have already been tested and available for community roll out, so, this is not your traditional crowd sale starting from scratch — it is not a startup that only can provide speculative value for its tokens, as you can see for yourself.

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