The World’s First artiSOULnal™ Bracelets by VOS

Published: Wed Aug 22 2018

VOS introducing The World’s First artiSOULnal™ Bracelets handcrafted with volcanic rocks and designed for flexible sizing and the ultimate fit; today officially launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

VOS artiSOULnal™ bracelets are designed to address and solve artisanal related problems based on a fundamentally sound bottom-up approach with the launch of The 4 Elements Collection that are soul-crafted to be stylish, lightweight and comfortable. The brand is aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the bracelets are ideal for those who value having a distinctive style that is visibly handcrafted, which in turn is a more attractive and sentimental product.

"It seems the global fashion industry has recently rediscovered the value of artisanal work conferring authenticity to products which I’ve been wearing for decades," said Jimmy, The Creator & Head Artisan of VOS. "I knew that it wasn’t just the hands of artisans that are the hands of fashion but also their souls. Handmade means soul-made and it signifies an emotional involvement industrialized goods can’t deliver, because the unique soul of each human being is irreplaceable."

Grounding qualities, positive raw energy and powerful healing attributes are just a few of the many benefits that are handcrafted into an artiSOULnal™ bracelet.

"Everybody wants to wear a unique bracelet with its own soul," said Jimmy. "All of our artiSOULnal™ bracelets are designed with the porous spheres of hardened volcanic rocks that are blessed with positive Mayan energy. We fuse that positive energy with the strings and other decorative materials used to craft the bracelets with unique designs, all being sourced and soul-crafted ethically in Guatemala.

This innovative use of volcanic rocks that comes directly from Mother Nature’s core provides consumers the positive energy of lava beads which grounds and connects them directly with nature.

Considering the lava beads that are soul-crafted into the bracelets are porous, the bracelets naturally feature the ability to absorb liquids such as essential oils, perfumes or colognes for additional longevity of a preferred scent.

"I’ve always been passionate about handmade bracelets and accessories and anyone that knows me personally can vouch that I have always worn and shared them with my friends," said Jimmy. "I knew there had to be a better way to share my passion with the masses so we have designed artiSOULnal™ bracelets to give consumers everything their soul needs, right on their wrists."

VOS artiSOULnal™ bracelets are initially offered for both women and men in The 4 Elements Collection: Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Each of the designs are ethically sourced, hand crafted with waterproof strings and are soul infused with balanced energy.

The introductory 4 styles are available in 22 colors therefore consumers will have a diverse color palette of combinations to choose from. Pre-ordering will take place for 30 days from August 21st – September 20th and during the Kickstarter campaign the artiSOULnal™ bracelets can be pre-ordered starting at $10 and up.
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About VOS

VOS artiSOULnal™ bracelets are custom-made by The Soul Crew in Guatemala crafted using volcanic rock blessed with proper Mayan sourcing practices. Every VOS artiSOULnal™ bracelet is handmade from start to finish and is one-of-a-kind. That means there’s going to be some variation from piece to piece, even if the crafts-person is working from the same source design. Because of the extra care it takes to create each VOS artiSOULnal™ bracelet from scratch, rather than operating an assembly line, we offer high-quality pieces soul-crafted at affordable price points.


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