A New Not for Profit is formed to start tackling the opioid epidemic

Published: Thu Aug 30 2018

Long-time Morris County resident, Shelly Quintana, has formed Bee Happy Wellness Inc, a not-for-profit organization with a dream of being part of the solution to the opioid epidemic. Bee Happy Wellness has started a fundraising campaign to achieve the goal of opening a wellness center that will aid in long-term recovery solutions.

Quintana specializes in the wellness of community through massage therapy, yoga, reiki and so much more. She is a certified Yoga Instructor, Yoga Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, and leads Yoga of 12 Step Recovery Programs. (Y12SR) "I believe if we build a strong community together we can tackle the current opioid crisis one person at a time."

Bee Happy Wellness aims to provide a safe nurturing environment free from judgment where people can come to find their path to optimal physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health. This is achieved through the physical practice of yoga; bodywork therapies; breath work and breathing exercises; meditation techniques; and community programs. Bee Happy Wellness makes the practice of yoga affordable to those in active recovery by subsidizing or fully sponsoring those who are learning to adjust to a life with healthy coping mechanisms.

Incorporating yoga and meditation as a routine practice has been proven to be very beneficial as an ongoing tool for long-term recovery and emotional well-being. Bee Happy Wellness strives to remove some of the barriers such as the high cost of yoga studio memberships and fear of social judgment.

Shelly Quintana, Founder
(973) 981-7777
Contact Name: Shelly Quintana
Contact Email: shelly@beehappywellness.org

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