Commercial Direct Shares Recent Success Stories from New Jersey on Investment Property Loans Website

Published: Fri Aug 31 2018

Commercial Direct, a new division of Silver Hill Funding, a commercial mortgage lender, has laid claim to recent success stories involving investors in New Jersey who were able to achieve their commercial real estate investment goals. Commercial Direct’s mortgage experts are now sharing these success stories on their educational website, InvestmentProperty.Loans.

New Jersey offers many opportunities to potential commercial real estate investors, from retail strip centers and office properties to multifamily properties both large and small.

But while these opportunities do exist, investors have historically struggled to get the commercial loan they need to achieve their goals. Commercial Direct’s teamunderstands this need investors have and has stepped in on a number of situations that have helped them secure their investment property loan. The following example showcases the type of solution the team is equipped to provide.

An investor in Passaic, New Jersey was having trouble with refinancing the loan on their mixed-use property. Mixed-use properties by definition contain both commercial and residential components – in this case, the commercial space was unoccupied.

Many of the more traditional lenders in today’s market decline these types of scenarios. But thanks to Commercial Direct, the investor was able to not only refinance for the full amount of the mortgage but they were also able to secure financing without having to provide any tax returns. That’s because Commercial Direct offers several reduced documentation options for investors and small business owners.

Success stories will continue to be added to the page as more investors in New Jersey partner with Commercial Direct and get the commercial mortgage they need. Potential investors can read more about the success stories here:

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