Hello-Hello Launches New Vocabulary Training Apps for Foreign Language Students & Digital Classrooms

Published: Tue Sep 04 2018

The pioneer global mobile language learning company, Hello-Hello LLC has launched a new range of completely new vocabulary training app versions in the iTunes Stores.

Hello-Hello's new vocabulary apps are developed with all new graphics, animations, and design and learning methodology the new vocabulary training app consists of more than thousand word and phrases and offers users a unique experience of easy & fun self-learning. The new app versions are available for top foreign languages like Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Russian and Indonesian.

The features that make Hello-Hello's new vocabulary training app versions highly useful for foreign language enthusiasts, schools with iPad program (digital classroom) and foreign language schools

Portability: you can take them anywhere, anytime and run the course either with or without internet access. Hence you don't have to worry about losing your flashcards when you go offline, anymore.
Exciting animations: apps offer game-like features make it more fun to learn foreign language words, and they encourage users to do even better next time.
4 modules for learning new words and phrases that are comprised of excellent graphical interfaces and animation to support effective and engaging self-study.
Most of the Hello-Hello language programs are developed in collaboration with The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), which is the largest association of teachers and administrators of all languages at all levels, serving more than 12,000 educators. And the standard high-quality learning program makes Hello-Hello's language programs ideal for digital class use.

Due to the high-quality study standard of Hello-Hello apps, at present a large number of USA's county schools and schools with iPad or 'bring your own device' (BYO) are using Hello-Hello's various language learning apps.

Also, Hello-Hello's vocabulary apps offer a great treat for foreign language learners (especially for beginners) since its unique study methodology that allows beginners to learn and practice - reading, listening, writing and speaking.

Developer's Website: www.hello-hello.com

iTunes links: Learn Spanish Vocabulary, Learn English Vocabulary , Learn Italian Vocabulary and more

iTunes links for Hell-Hello Apps: https://itunes.apple.com/us/developer/hello-hello/id371655433

About Hello-Hello

With over 7 million learners worldwide, Hello-Hello apps are among the top-selling language learning apps in the U.S. and internationally. Hello-Hello has over 100 apps teaching 13 different languages available on the iPad, iPhone, Android Devices, Blackberry Playbook and Kindle.

Founded in 2009, Hello-Hello launched the world's first language learning app for the iPad. The company's first app was included in the limited 1,000-app Grand Opening of the iPad App Store in April 2010 and featured as an Apple Staff Favorite. Our lessons were developed in collaboration with The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) which is the largest and most respected association for language teachers and professionals.
Contact Name: Bhaskar Choudhury
Contact Email: bhaskar@hello-hello.com

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