HUBNETIX is Offering Cutting Edge Technology in Communication Cables

Published: Wed Sep 05 2018

HUBNETIX is one of the leading communication cable suppliers. HUBNETIX voice cable solutions are propagating across the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia - it is going places.

"Technology is upgrading day by day," said one of the directors of HUBNETIX, "therefore we are constantly upgrading our communication cables."

HUBNETIX provides a foundation that strengthens companies’ communication system. Over the years, HUBNETIX has gained a reputation and confidence in the international market. HUBNETIX voice cable solutions can help people save their cost. HUBNETIX communication cables consist of components like a copper conductor, HDPE insulation, ripcord, polyester and jacket. These features make these cables competent to ensure the smooth progress of businesses.

HUBNETIX voice cables have a bare solid copper conductor, RoHS/Reach compliant PVC or PE or LSZH jacket, and ANSI/TIA-568-C.2, ISO/IEC 11801 compliance. The insulation temperature is between -30ºC ~ +50ºC and minimum bending radius is greater than 4P 15D and less than 4P 4D. The frequency of these wires is 1, 4, 8, 10 and 16MHz.

The advantages of HUBNETIX voice cables are they have a higher bandwidth that carries more data. These cables provide faster transmission as signals are carried at the speed of light. HUBNETIX cables offer more reliability than other communication cable suppliers. HUBNETIX also provides you with more affordable solutions than other communication cable suppliers.

HUBNETIX is a leading supplier of fibre optic cables and data centre solutions. Using the latest technologies in the world, HUBNETIX is doing well to deliver products to clients meeting their all requirements. With end-to-end solution strategies, HUBNETIX has become a globally distinguished data centre solutions provider.
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