Undelete news tracks what gets deleted from top world news sites and celebrities feeds

Published: Thu Sep 06 2018

Ever see a news piece that was hastily published and then just as hastily deleted after proven to be fake? Or an arrogant tweet that suddenly disappeared to save its author’s reputation? Undelete.news aims to stop this by keeping safe and visible all deleted information. They will track every top website and social media account, so if a post suddenly disappears, it will be immediately published on Undelete news website in the "Deleted" section with source indication. Now the Internet will truly not forget.

Besides tracking top accounts and media resources, Undelete news allows every user to track any person or celebrity social media accounts, even if they are not on the website. These feeds are visible only to people who specifically track them, not to everybody. This service is completely free of charge and available to all registered users.

If you want to keep the information safe, you need to store it someplace where nobody will be able to modify or delete it. Storage also needs to be secure from any external influences that might lead to servers shutting down or breaking up. So having an independent and distributed storage with blockchain integration works best. That is why Undelete news is partnering up with Memority for storage services. Their technology is ultra-secure and completely fail-safe, so there are no worries that anything might go amiss after being published on Undelete news.

Undelete has news pieces and posts distributed by categories and stores both posted and deleted data. Users can select individual news site or celebrity to see everything they have deleted. The site supports three regions (World, Russia and the USA), but it aims to cover every country and language.

Undelete news has officially launched on September 1st but they keep track over what has been deleted since the beginning of August. If you want to check them out or to add someone you want to track specifically, visit their website at https://undelete.news.
Contact Name: Alexander Stormov
Contact Email: info@undelete.news

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