DE&SI-the first ergonomic cup, also for the left-handed

Published: Thu Sep 06 2018

Thanks to Kickstarter, an extraordinary project of social usefulness is starting and it will revolutionize one of the most common daily gestures in the world. 

Drinking coffee with a DE&SI cup is a unique experience as any interference that could reduce pleasure is removed. 

The grip of its handle involves all fingers of the hand. The rotation of the wrist, of the hand and upper limb have been studied to obtain the right movement. Its correct use, with the right grip spreading out on a circumference causes no stress on the wrist nerves which are sensibly reduced.
The correct movements of the hand and wrist in the grip also help soothing pain on people suffering from syndromes like De Quervain, Carpal Tunnel, Rhizoartrosis.

So the only thing left is just to taste a good coffee, very relaxed ...

The DE&SI cup brings benefits to the person, to social inclusion, to equal opportunities, to the usability in the different phases of life, and to the autonomy of the person.
A captivating Italian design by Domenico Delfini in the cup and small cup version completes this revolutionary idea.

We think that everything aiming at improving the quality of our lives is of primary importance compared to the others; so if this cup has been designed for all of us it must belong to our daily life, to our society and to our well-being.

So, let's support this ergonomic project together and its daily correct way to grasp this cup designed for our well-being.

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