Brisbane SEO Company Reveals All in an Attempt to Help Protect Business Owners from Abuse by SEO

Published: Fri Sep 07 2018

Business owners around the world have been taken advantage of, and in many cases down right scammed, by digital marketing agencies that prey on their ignorance. Common complaints include the lack of transparency, poor communication, spammy linking, and devastating incompetence – all of which have left a bad taste in the mouth of business owners.

A Brisbane SEO agency, Webgator, recently created a very practical resource to help protect business owners from various malicious tactics used by bullies in the digital marketing industry. You can read the guide at

The author of the information, Carson Sharein, is a veteran search engine optimisation specialist with over 10 years in the SEO industry. Mr Sharein has worked with leading local and national businesses, providing SEO consultation and management services. During an interview, Mr Sharein said, "It never ceases to amaze me how many people call me up with a story of being ripped off by another SEO agency and in need of desperate help. It seems like just about every new client we sign up has had a negative experience with SEO in the past."

He went on to explain, "It’s a shame, because there are so many good results that can come from SEO when done properly. There are also many good SEO providers out there, and it’s alarming how many business owners end up with the wrong agency." It was this problem that prompted the creating of the SEO guide on the Webgator SEO Brisbane site.

The Guide is far from a boring read made up of SEO techy jargon. The guide is appropriately described as ‘The Most Logical, Accurate, Honest, Revealing, Down-to-Earth, and Entertaining Information on SEO that You Will EVER Read’. Some subheadings that are sure to attract the interest of readers are ‘How to Identify SEO Scum’, ‘How to Protect Yourself from SEO Bullies’, ‘SEO KPI ROI – LOL or OMG?’, and ‘Getting Ranked, Not Spanked’.

The guide also answers common questions that business owners regularly ask such as, ‘How to Get to Page 1 of Google’, ‘Common SEO Mistakes’, ‘What Does Google’s Algorithm Look At When Ranking Websites?’, ‘How Long Does SEO Take?’, ‘How Much Does SEO Cost?’, and much more. It also contains an example of how pricing is worked out and a DIY Guide on SEO.
There is so much practical advice that business owners are sure to both enjoy and appreciate the information. A number of shady digital agencies, on the other hand, are likely to be uncomfortable with this information being shared with their clients.

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