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Published: Fri Sep 07 2018

While the United States may be the richest country in the world, it also tops the list as the most extreme when it comes to obesity per capita. Far too often ignorance is regarded as bliss when it comes to food and its effect on the body. Many people adhere to diets and eating patterns that have no positive effect on the body or fail within a few months.

According to the Center of Disease Control (CDC), 55.4% of U.S. adults are overweight. Depending on the year being surveyed, a hefty 19 - 28% of the population is officially obese. These numbers have jumped by 61% over the past decade, because 27% of us don't engage in any physical activity and another 28.4% aren't regularly active.

There are no miracle cures to be had despite claims from nationally advertised companies who promise you success if you only use their products. Proper eating and exercising is crucial to keep your body and mind work like a well oiled machine. However, injuries often occur when the individual have no prior knowledge in kinesiology or any experience at the gym. Hiring a fitness trainer should be a must like hiring an electrician to rewire your whole home. Why would you invest on a brick and mortar instead of your own self?

Exercising does the body good and once the body is happy, the mind follows. Medical studies related to fitness and health all agree that regular exercise done safely create a sense of increased happiness to many, where mood is elevated and the individual feels more productive and accomplished. Many who use the assistance of a trainer feel their work-outs are certainly more effective and render greater results. Why put yourself at risk and getting injured when a simple solution lies from within seeking assistance from someone who is proficient and experienced in this industry. offers a network of certified and licensed Fitness trainers offering qualified advice on proper forms when exercising, proper eating for recovery and most importantly, avoid all kind of injuries throughout the journey to gaining great health. Wherever you are located, has a trainer available to you.

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The Author possesses personal training certifications from the NASM( National Academy of Sports Medicine) and the Weider Institute of Health, combined with 9 years of experience in the field of kinesiology, resistance, cardiovascular training and with extensive knowledge in nutrition. Thorough research has been conducted when developing the network of professional trainers which allows customers from all over the USA to have access to experienced individuals helping them reach their fitness goals. If you are looking for a change, get started at the right place and contact for more information.
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