Medical Dialogues crosses 1 million + Monthly Readership

Published: Sat Sep 08 2018

Medical DIalogues, a pioneer in Medical Journalism in India, has reached an invaluable milestone of 1 million monthly readerships, making it the most widely read healthcare dedicated news portal in the country.

Speaking on achievement, Dr. Prem Aggarwal, Cardiologist and founding member of Medical Dialogues said: " We have been experiencing exponential growth and support every day in terms of our readership, and it’s only because of the trust that users have on our news."

Medical Dialogues was started in July 2015 with the idea of providing news related to pharmaceuticals, medicines, business ventures in the Healthcare sector to Doctors and Medical Professionals.

On this Meghna A. Singhania, Editor-in-Chief, of Medical Dialogues added, "We are proud to be the leading Medical and Healthcare Portal in India and indeed take pride in providing regular, timely and truthful news to readers".She further added, "The Journey to 1 million was not easy and it’s was possible because of the trust have on our news and stay with us as a regular reader and keep supporting us, like they have till now"

Roots and Expansion

Medical Dialogues was started with coverage of medical related news but it didn’t stop them. They started like a tree with Medical News as a seed for Medical Dialogues roots, but that tree start growing so big that it now has it\s branches (section) covering and categorizing all the Medical and Healthcare news namely -

Medical Dialogues
This is section is purely based on all the happenings and the mishappenings news from government hospitals, department, profession, medico-legal, healthcare associations and much more in the Medical and Healthcare part of India.for the all the healthcare practitioners across the country

Specialty Dialogues
This section covers the of the news about the latest researches, clinical trials, journal updates, unique cases etc to update medical professionals about the latest development in their practice and their specialties

Business Dialogues
Business Dialogues section of Medical Dialogues cover news about pharma, medical devices, healthcare ventures, financial updates from hospitals, diagnostics, including mergers takeovers, acquisitions, funding rounds etc

Education Dialogues
This section is for the medical students of the country and covers the latest and important news about government policies, medical colleges, exams and results, MCI, NBE and much more.

Path and Destination

Medical Dialogues will continue to publish latest and truthful news and will the most trusted source of the news related to the medical sector for Doctors and Medical Professionals.

Meanwhile, Medical Dialogues is also starting a new service of Medical Matrimony for doctors so they can find a suitable doctor Life partner. And after that, they will be starting Job Portal Medical Jobs for Doctors so that they can look up recruit Doctors, medical professionals, and administrators.
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