Title: SalesBrain Releases New Book, The Persuasion Code to Improve Neuromarketing Efforts

Published: Sat Sep 08 2018

Available for pre-order, The Persuasion Code is a book written by the team behind the world’s first neuromarketing agency. Reach your audience with the use of brain sciences and learn about the NeuroMap™ scientific model.

The Persuasion Code: How Neuromarketing Can Help You Persuade Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime is available on September 12. This book, published by Wiley, was written by Dr. Christophe Morin and Patrick Renvoise focuses on reaching your audience with the use of brain sciences. Get on the cutting edge of neuroscience from a book written by the team behind the worldÂ’s first neuromarketing agency.

In the text, the authors introduce the NeuroMap™ which is a scientific model developed by their team to develop better marketing and sales messages. Aside from marketing and sales, the strategy of persuasion introduced in the text covers both business and personal success. Some of the main factors include: stimuli that always trigger a response, aligning your content and message delivery, and setting apart delivery from the rest.

Applying neuroscience to persuasion is an aspect of marketing and advertising every professional should understand. Directors, CEOs, VPs, and professionals can all benefit from The Persuasion Code as it touches on neurosciences principles for consumer, media, sales, and advertising. Dr. Christophe Morin has been recognized for nearly ten years as a leading researcher and authors in the field of neuromarketing and media neuroscience. Dr. Morin is also a professor of Media Psychology for Fielding Graduate University.

In a previous book release, Neuromarketing: Understanding the Buy Buttons in Your CustomerÂ’s Brain, the authors redefined the field of neuromarketing. Christophe Morin and Patrick Renovise, reached sales of over 200,000 copies with this previous text. Since 2002, this book has been the go-to text for customers looking to use brain research and revolutionary marketing practices.

The company behind The Persuasion Code is SalesBrain, the world’s first neuromarketing agency. Founded in 2002, the company has helped over 600 clients via business services for research, sales presentations, and overall messaging. SalesBrain has worked with over 120,000 executives around the world in over 1000 private workshops in fields like nutritional bars to nuclear plants. Morin and Renvoise deliver keynote speeches and workshops to CEOs, professionals, and marketers. 

The Persuasion Code is a culmination of years of research, extensive work product, and constant interactions with professionals looking for neuroscience marketing guidance. From the monitoring of autonomic nervous system reactions to the science of sales, pre-order the book now.
Contact Name: Dr. Christophe Morin
Contact Email: christophe@salesbrain.com

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