Published: Mon Sep 10 2018

The Skate International Distance and Supercross Association updated its rules to protect the right for transgender athletes to compete with their gender. Rule 4.3 explains its dedication to diversity, inclusion, and equality among competitors by creating a standard for other endurance sports to follow. Transgender athletes were always welcome to participate in SkateIDSA races, but until now no written rule existed. This rule stands to create a precedent for other skateboarding disciplines and endurance sports to follow in the future.

"As the only openly transgender athlete to compete in distance skateboarding so far, I can only hope that this will prompt others like myself to find the community, acceptance, and challenge I have been rewarded from within the IDSA," says Calleigh Little, winner of the 2018 Women’s Division at the Miami Ultraskate.

IDSA Board Member Kaspar Heinrici said, "There is no perfect way to do something like this, but I’m super proud of the lengthy conversations that got us here and I would much rather have this inclusive policy that addresses the gender spectrum than try to ignore it."

You can read the full rules list and competitor conduct policy on SkateIDSA’s website available at https://theidsa.org/rules to see additional edits to other rules for the upcoming 2019 season.

The new addition builds upon rules the Olympic Committee held on the same subject and reads as follows:

An athlete in the process of gender transition from male to female must demonstrate that the total level of testosterone in their blood has been below 10 nanomoles per liter for at least one year prior to competing, whether by hormone therapy, and/or post-reassignment surgery. The length of time it will take the athlete to reach the cutoff limit will vary by individual.

There are no regulations for female to male athletes.

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Any person interested in joining SkateIDSA can do so at https://www.active.com/miami-fl/skating/skateboarding-memberships/idsa-membership-2013, and be eligible as a member for an exciting upcoming year of racing in 2019, including the 24-Hour Homestead-Miami Ultraskate this January. Each year over 150 participants race for 24 consecutive hours aiming to set and break personal and world records in a variety of divisions based on age, gender, and discipline.
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