Rotary Chair Gains Unique Presence in Vestibular Testing with its Unparalleled Analysis and Relative

Published: Wed Sep 12 2018

Prevalence of vestibular disorders is highly perceptible worldwide, whereas associated diagnosis and treatment procedures currently available are ineffective. Considerable interest has been observed in the development of novel ways for identifying central and peripheral vestibular abnormalities. This has consequentially resulted in the advent of new therapeutic options have the potential to benefit numerous patients who continue to be symptomatic, despite optimizations in treatment measures.

Vestibular testing market continues to witness new diagnostic approaches, which are superior to currently employed tests under certain circumstances. Fact.MR’s recently compiled study foretells the vestibular testing market to record an impressive growth at nearly 7% CAGR during the period of forecast, 2018 to 2028. Psychophysical testing is being deemed as capable of offering insights into central and peripheral vestibular processing, thereby paving ways for the development of vestibular psychophysics as diagnostic tool, which bases itself on the available normative database.

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Videonystagmography (VNG) continues to prevail as sought-after vestibular testing method, in light of its capability to evaluate eye movements during multiple tasks, and aids determining the difference between right and left inner ear. Over half revenue share of the vestibular testing market will be accounted by VNG during the period of forecast.

Rotary chair, on the other hand, is gaining a unique presence in the vestibular testing market, on the back of unparalleled analysis offered by rotational testing for evaluation of both central and peripheral vestibular diseases. Future prospects of rotary chair will remain bullish, with palpability of more affordable advancements in the area, such as booth-less rotary chair. Rotary chair will continue to trail VNG in the vestibular testing market, on the basis of revenue share, meanwhile becoming the new standard of the vestibular assessment.

"Despite advances in the testing and documentation of pediatric vestibular deficits, challenges apropos to these continue to remain derelict. Several children with the ailment are unable to pursue treatment, which in turn arrests the overall outcomes of pediatric vestibular disease. In a bid to resolve these difficulties, educational organizations in collaboration with physical and occupational therapists are aiding integration of vestibular training in their activities," says a lead analyst at Fact.MR.

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The analyst also added that calming activities are being incorporated as an imperative part of these programs for preventing the affected children from becoming overly stimulated, or stressed. Well-structured vestibular rehabilitation therapy program are being taken by healthcare and educational institutions alike, to bring a significant difference in the learning abilities, balance, development, and function of children affected with vestibular disease.

The Vestibular Disorders Association has estimated nearly 100 Mn Americans to be affected from a vestibular ailment at some stage of their lives. In the U.S. alone, over US$ 1 Bn is spent on medical care for patients with vestibular disorders. Availability of an effective vestibular testing is continuously being put to check by challenges apropos of diagnosing the ailment’s source, and seeking clinicians with appropriate knowledge and hands-on experience for treatment of affected individuals.

North America continues to remain the largest market for vestibular testing, with majority of the share being held by the U.S. Preeminence of the U.S. in North America’s vestibular testing market can be attributed to mandates on hearing tests for children in the region. Vestibular testing demand in Canada is likely to grow relatively faster than in the U.S., as firms such as Newport-Mesa Audiology, Balance & Ear Institute are launching vestibular rehabilitation therapy programs, in a bid to spread awareness on the disease and available potential treatment procedures for resolving the same.

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