Cambridge Nonprofits Use Music To Fight Childhood Obesity

Published: Wed Sep 12 2018

Today, EChO - Eradicate Childhood Obesity Foundation and Eureka Ensemble launch a campaign to bring a new, musical form of nutritional education to every school in Massachusetts. EChO’s mission to ending childhood obesity through technology-based and educational strategies goes hand in hand with Eureka’s mission to use music to nurture social change. Together they believe that proper nutrition education promotes better eating habits and a healthier lifestyle, which in turn can help the prevention and treatment of obesity.

Eureka Ensemble and EChO introduce "A Sweet Fairy Tale," an innovative approach to educating children and their families about the dangers of added sugar in foods. By utilizing music as an active learning strategy, it engages the audience and teaches nutritional lessons through an entertaining, memorable play inspired by Peter & the Wolf by Prokofiev.

Their goal is to bring the performance of "A Sweet Fairy Tale" to all 2,744 schools in Massachusetts via multimedia experience and live performances. To launch this campaign, EChO has hired The Washing Machine (TWM), an advertising group headquartered in Rome, Italy.

TWM executive creative director Mimmo Di Lorenzo says about this unique collaboration, "The Washing Machine team is excited to be working with the EChO Foundation and Eureka Ensemble in support of their novel ideas to solve one of the most significant health issues faced by modern society. Our cross cultural partnership between Italy and the United States is a testament to the importance of tackling global epidemics like obesity together."

13.7 million American children between the ages of 2 and 19 currently suffer from obesity. Eureka Ensemble and EChO intend to curb the epidemic specifically by addressing the dangers of added sugars through a musical performance.

Research shows that the excess consumption of added sugar is highly correlated to heart disease. "Added sugar" is a term used to refer to the types of sugars and syrups that are added to foods or beverages when they are processed or prepared. This does not include naturally occuring sugars such as those found in milk, nuts, legumes, and fruits, but the ones that are added to foods with the purposes of enhancing tastes and/or preservation. Added sugars contribute directly to weight gains and obesity.

Kristo Kondakçi, co-founder and conductor of Eureka said: "Music’s power to bring people together coupled with an engaging educational narrative woven with nutritional principles has exciting potential for motivating children and families to make better, more informed eating choices." He continues, "Eureka is proud to be working closely together with the EChO team. It is a privilege to support the amazing work that they do."

Additional partners of this initiative include the Cambridge Community Center, Daily Table, a not-for-profit grocery store, and Codman Square Health Center, a community health center that annually serves over 22,000 patients, 87% of whom live below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.
EChO - Eradicate Childhood Obesity Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity based in Cambridge, MA, dedicated to eradicating childhood obesity for good. The organization’s mission is to use musical performances and community engagement to educate and empower children and families of vulnerable populations with beneficial nutrition knowledge. For more information about EChO, visit their website at

Eureka Ensemble mobilizes musicians to nurture social change. Their concerts focus on supporting social causes by creating strategic partnerships with local organizations to make an impact in the community through music. For more information about Eureka Ensemble, visit their website at

The Washing Machine (TWM) is an independent advertising network that proposes strategies, creativity and digital technology for brands that want to distinguish themselves. Based in Rome, Italy and Boston, USA, they serve clients around the world and have received numerous awards for their work.

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