Starchy Roots Market: Fresh Starchy Roots Retain Status Quo

Published: Thu Sep 13 2018

Starchy roots market continues to witness steady traction as various types of tuber and root crops such as sweet potato, cassava, potato and yam are one of the important foods in the sub-tropical and tropical regions across the globe. Given the varying contribution of starchy roots apropos of energy supply impacted by different consumption requirements across various nations, the starchy roots market is projected to expand at a steady pace, according to a study compiled by Fact.MR.

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Starchy roots sales are expected to remain resurgent throughout the period of assessment, 2018-2028. While growing at a steady pace, the starchy roots market demand is expected to generate sales crossing US$ 340,000 Mn by end of the year of assessment (2028). The demand for starchy roots is largely influenced by the numerous health benefits associated with these plants that offer anti-oxidative and anti-microbial properties. In addition, starchy roots contain probiotic components such as glycoalkaloids, phytic acids, bioactive proteins, phenolic compounds and saponins that offer hypoglycemic, hypocholesterolemic and immunomodulatory activities which have complemented to the consumption and overall growth of the starchy roots market worldwide.

The sales of various starchy roots have been varying from region to region depending upon the strength of the distribution network. The report reveals that sales of starchy roots are expected to remain concerted in emerging economies of Asia Pacific, followed by Europe and North America. Moreover, FAO (the Food and Agricultural Organization) stated that the Asia is expected to showcase significant production of starchy roots in the coming years. That said, the Asian market for starchy is expected to undergo a potential shift with respect to sales channel with consumers preferring online stores over other sales and distribution channels for purchasing starchy roots.

Furthermore, demand for fresh starchy roots have significant risen since the past few years, with their increasing sales estimated to largely contribute to the growth of the starchy roots market. Increasing consumer preference for fresh foods coupled with customer anxiety towards health risks and food quality have resulted in an increasing consumption of fresh starchy foods over processed starchy foods and are expected to retain their status quo throughout the period of assessment.

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Starchy Roots Market: Sweet Potato to Witness Meteoric Demand

Demand for sweet potato is expected to increase in the coming years, consequently spearheading the growth of the starchy roots market. Given their various benefits including high vitamin B6 and vitamin C and D content. They facilitate bone health, improve digestion, promote weight gain, treat inflammation, boost immunity and support in reducing arthritis pain. These health benefits have resulted in a spur in demand for sweet potatoes, in turn aiding the growth of the starchy roots market. In addition, higher consumption of potato as a heart health facilitator has led to increasing sales of potatoes worldwide, consequently contributing to the overall growth of the starchy roots market during the period of forecast.

Starchy Roots Market: Food and Beverage Account for Relatively Greater Consumption of Starchy Roots

Given their health and nutrition facilitating properties, starchy roots are expected to catch high steam in the coming years. Starchy roots have witnessed increased demand from the food and beverage sector, particularly in functional and baby food products. Baby food products are enriched with starchy roots, particularly cassava starchy root that acts as bodying agent. Being a gluten free starchy root, cassava facilitates cholesterol regulation, digestion as well as improves energy level. That said, use of starchy roots as they are carbohydrate rich, energy facilitators, a rich source vitamins, nutritional ingredients and fibers has proliferated their consumption in the food and beverage sector, in turn contributing to the growth of the starchy roots market during the period of forecast.

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