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Published: Thu Sep 13 2018

The Only Social Club is a professional match-making agency that strives to facilitate long-lasting relationships for busy, professional singles. The agency exclusively caters to the needs of professionals and elites who in their busy schedules, often fail to find the time to socialise.

The exclusive dating service is committed to their clients, guaranteeing integrity and confidentiality. The platform offers the opportunity to busy, successful individuals to meet like-minded people in a comfortable space. The agency has facilitated many successful matches since 2005.

The company offers an opportunity to corporate singles to meet like-minded people who have similar interests. Their services are limited to members who are qualified as far as social standing, integrity and calibre are concerned. The qualified members include corporate professionals, entrepreneurs and celebrities.

Highlights of their Match-making Service

The services offered by them are completely discreet as personal information of an individual is never shared without the permission of the client. The meetings are held face-to-face without any additional hassles.

The agency strictly deals with professionals only. They cater to the needs of professional clients who are looking for a committed relationship. The exclusivity of the platform helps in ensuring that the busy clients are not disappointed and can rely on the service in their search for an ideal partner.

Every individual is screened and evaluated on the grounds of values, needs, background and integrity, which are the defining aspects of an individual.

The matchmakers work personally with each client to know their preferences and assure better matches. A great deal of attention is paid to client privacy.

The services emphasise the quality of matches and not on the quantity, to ensure a long-lasting relationship. With a focused approach, The Only Social Club specialises in identifying ideal matches.
Unlike conventional online dating sites, the company does not promote fast-food dating. Instead, they aim to initiate long-lasting relationships and assist singles in finding their life partners.

The match-making process employed by The Only Social Club is based on the best interests of its clients. The matchmakers handpick the individuals that they believe will make the most appropriate match. The company understands that each client has unique values and needs and helps them to find a relationship that will be best suited to them.

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About The Company
The Only Social Club was started in 2005 in South Africa. It is an exclusive match-making agency that assists single executives and professionals in finding their ideal life partner. The agency facilitates matches for elite men and women in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.

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Cape Town, 8051, South Africa
Tel: +27 72 413 2879
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