New Storybook Helps Fathers Carve Out Reading Ritual With Their Child

Published: Thu Sep 20 2018

When a father takes the time to read to his child, there is a big payoff, studies show. In fact, a 2014 Harvard study indicates that when dads regularly read bedtime stories to young children, it actually has a measurably bigger impact on the youngsters’ language development than when Mom reads.

However, through research for a book she was writing, award-winning journalist Margaret Bernstein became aware that the lack of a father figure was being passed down from one generation to the next. Men who grew up without a father in their lives didn’t know how to fulfill their own roles as dads because that behavior had never been modeled for them, she discovered.

"As a writer," Bernstein explains, "I wanted to do something to help break that cycle. I wanted to write books that inspired dads to read with their children and help them build a bond."

Bernstein is now releasing a new book for children entitled "Donuts with Dad" to accomplish just that. According to the author, "This is a fun story that any dad and daughter can enjoy, it’s designed to spark lots of conversation and laughter." The main characters are a dad and a daughter of color who embark on a day of creative adventures together.

This is Bernstein’s second multicultural storybook aimed at dads. "We want children of color to enjoy reading books that reflect what they look like," she says. "We need diverse books people can relate to."

She hopes dads and daughters will develop a bedtime ritual of reading "Donuts with Dad" together, because numerous studies show that having an active father figure boosts a child’s academic achievement and fosters healthy social-emotional development. Daughters in particular benefit—the increased confidence from spending more time with Dad has been shown to increase the percentage of women who embark on nontraditional career paths like science. "One of my dreams is to help inspire dads to understand the important role that they play in their children’s lives," adds Bernstein.

Publisher Lisa M. Umina comments, "This book is not only a fun read but an important one. It is accessible and inviting to readers of any level. Bernstein is celebrating involved fathers and encouraging them to be creative and have fun."

The book launch event will be held on Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018 at Café Bon Ami in New Orleans—with an assortment of donuts, of course!

For more information about Margaret Bernstein, visit "Donuts with Dad" is now available at Halo Publishing International, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Books-A-Million in Hardcover for $16.95, in Paperback for $11.95 and as an e-Book for $6.95.

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