PixoPal Announces Integration with Shopify to Provide On-Demand Photo Editing Services

Published: Sat Sep 22 2018

PixoPal, a leading photo retouching-as-a-service platform, announced the launch of its plug-in App that post-processes and prepares images to be e-commerce ready.

The PixoPal plug-in is designed for Shopify merchants who want to achieve a quicker go-to-market for their products with high-quality images. After photographing products and listing them on Shopify, merchants can upload product photos to PixoPal for professional editing with one simple click. PixoPal’s deep integration with Shopify ensures that images are edited by professional photo editors and available for use in fewer than eighteen hours.

"We want to make it simple for merchants to achieve world-class images which stand-out in today’s crowded online marketplace," said Chris Kolenaty, Head of Sales at PixoPal. "With our plug-in, Shopify merchants will see a sharp uptick in their conversions, while saving time and resources."

The PixoPal App makes all product photos e-commerce ready by:

• Cleaning out cluttered backgrounds to make the product stand out
• Resizing dimensions to achieve higher consistency among photos
• Providing a shadow to enhance the natural appeal for the product
• Reducing the image size for faster loading times

Thumbs Pets store, an early adopter of the plug-in, commented on the ease of the PixoPal integration: "I had complex product images and PixoPal did a great job delivering more contrast in my product images by removing backgrounds. I plan to continue to leverage their one of a kind tool!"

All Shopify merchants can benefit from PixoPal’s three images free trial offer. The editing is priced at a rate of USD $1.00 per image when using the pay-as-you-go model with no monthly commitment.

For more information on our PixoPal-On Demand Photo Editing App, visit: https://apps.shopify.com/pixopal

About PixoPal

PixoPal is a leading photo retouching-as-a-service platform. PixoPal specializes in retouching images of products, fashion, jewelry, furniture, and real-estate. The platform is designed for consistency and fast turnaround. PixoPal currently provides product photo retouching services to one of the world’s top five apparel brands, a top ten still life photographer, and a number of e-commerce retailers and photo studios.

Visit www.pixopal.com for more details or reach us on contact@pixopal.com with any inquiries.

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Contact Name: Chris Kolenaty
Contact Email: Chris.Kolenaty@PixoPal.com

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