Introducing HeySpace, a new team collaboration app - if Slack and Trello has a baby

Published: Mon Sep 24 2018

Wrocław, Poland | August 2018 - TimeCamp, a time tracking software company has recently released a new, innovative team collaboration app. It’s a highly functional task management software with chat. Now you can have all your conversations, tasks, and team members in one place!

"Easy to use. Slick user interface. The board makes the team interaction really smooth" - Kamil Rudnicki, CEO TimeCamp

"HeySpace helped us keep track of our projects and improved overall team communication. Highly recommended for a small/medium size business" - Adam Jankowski, CEO RemoteCamp

How HeySpace stands out from the competitors? Here are its significant features:

- workspaces - public or private to collaborate with team members and customers easily,
- individual and group chat - send messages to your team members or add them to a group to discuss the important issues without an endless chain of emails,
- converting conversations into tasks - with just one click users can change any message into a task and work on it using Kanban boards. Task view includes a progress bar, checklist, attachments, messages, and tags,
- attaching files of various formats - all the files are safely stored to help you collaborate easily,
- notification center - get notified of any new messages in your spaces, group, and 1-1 conversations by e-mail or push notifications

Watch this video tutorial to find out how HeySpace works:

HeySpace, a task management software, is now for free because before you decide to use its paid version, you should make a research and see which features work best for you and your team and whether theyÂ’re worth investing your money in. HeySpace is a web app, but soon the desktop and mobile version will be released.

Please visit for more information about HeySpace including features and screenshots of the app.

HeySpace is created by TimeCamp, a time tracking and invoicing software company founded in 2009.

If you would like to receive further information on HeySpace, please contact:
Kamil Rudnicki, CEO of TimeCamp
Phone: +1 (646) 893-7463
Twitter: @HeySpace_App
Contact Name: Ola Rybacka
Contact Email:

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