Medical Packaging Films Market: Present Scenario and the Growth Prospects with Forecast 2025

Published: Mon Oct 08 2018

Medical Packaging Films Market Overview

The importance of isolation of pharmaceutical products and requirement of safe transportation of medication is the reason why pharmaceutical packaging is continuously growing form a long time and expected to grow further at a high rate. Medical packaging films market covers a big portion of pharmaceutical packaging. These films differ from other packaging films in properties such as abrasion resistant, chemical resistant, microbial resistant, low-temperature flexibility, oxygen and moisture resistant, and many others.

The requirement of properties in medical packaging film depends upon the product to be packaged. Polyurethane material is most widely used in medical packaging films market, thermoformed polyurethane (TPU) covers a huge portion in this. Increasing awareness in people about human health has led to increases in medical research and development, and thus the global increase in the pharmaceutical industry is observed. This fact has greatly driven the medical packaging films market.

Medical Packaging Films Market Dynamics

Along with TPU, PVC is another most widely used material in medical packaging films market due to its great flexibility and strength. PVC can be used as single layered as well as multi-layered form. It is also available in non-porous as well as breathable form. It is most widely used for medical bags such as blood bags, dialysis bags, nutrition feed bags and many others. These examples indicated two of the basic drivers of medical packaging films market. One is formability, which is the ability of the material to acquire a high range of properties along with providing ease in acquiring complex shapes. Another driver is the wide range of applicability of the material.

Also, the economy of the material and availability of the material plays a crucial role in medical packaging films market. A big portion of investment by many top players of the medical packaging films market in research and development of medical packaging films has increased the ever-changing trend of medical packaging. As the pharmaceutical industry is growing, the demand for even better solutions for packaging has increased. This is a probable threat to medical packaging films market. This threat can be reduced for a company if it continues to actively follow the trend of the medical packaging films market and provide a wide range of solutions. Investment in research and technology for even better material for medical packaging film, or for better solutions of manufacturing technology can create an opportunity for the medical packaging films market.

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Medical Packaging Films Market Segmentation

By film structure, medical packaging films market can be segmented as

Thermoformable film
High barrier film
Coated film
Metallized film

By material of film, medical packaging films market can be segmented as

Polyurethane film
Polycarbonate film
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) film
Polypropylene film
Polyethylene film

Medical Packaging Films Market Regional Overview

Some of world’s leading pharmaceutical packaging companies like Bemis, Amcor, Owens-Illinois, and others belong to growing market of North America. The region is already leading in Pharmaceutical supplies and thus, leading medical packaging films market. In Latin America, the poverty rate has decreased due to economic policies and millions of lives has improved. Also, with increasing population, the population of senior citizens has also increased considerably. This has also led to increasing packaging industry, and medical packaging market is expected to grow at tremendously in next few years.

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Although, the pharmaceutical packaging market is comparatively smaller in the Middle East and Africa, huge and growing economy of the Middle East can provide a good opportunity to the medical packaging films market. Also, the pharmaceutical industry is expected to grow in the region due to increasing population. Asia-Pacific region has the largest population. The region has many developing countries like India, which along with China is expected to drive the world’s packaging industry in the near future. With increasing globalization, the demand for exported medication is also increasing leading medical packaging films market in the region.

Medical Packaging Films Market Key Players

Some of the key players of medical packaging films market are
Glenroy, Inc.
Dunmore Corporation
Covestro AG
RTP Company
American Polyfilm, Inc.
Plastic Film Corporation
UFP Technologies, Inc.
Transcendia, Inc.

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