Straight Wall Cans Market: Key Players and Production Information analysis

Published: Mon Oct 08 2018

Straight Wall Cans Market: Introduction

Packaging manufacturer are focusing on recycling process of packaging, thus metal form of rigid packaging is gaining traction in the global packaging market. One such form of packaging which is highly used across major industries is the metal can packaging. It is estimated that more than 200 million cans are recycled every day. Countries such as U.S. and U.K. have a recycle rate of 60% of metal cans. One such form of cans which is highly gaining traction in recent half a decade is straight wall cans. Straight wall cans are predominantly used in beverages industry due to its sleek design and convenience in handling.

Traditionally tin cans were the most preferred choice of manufacturing for packaging liquid in straight wall cans, but with the innovation and the need for light weight packaging paper and plastic are also among the vastly preferred by the straight wall cans manufacturer. With increasing penetration of food and beverages industry in Asia-Pacific excluding Japan market, it has boosted the sales for straight wall cans. Moreover, with the globally increasing demand in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and automobile market it is triggering a high demand for liquid packaging.

Straight Wall Cans Market – Market Dynamics:

Straight Wall Cans delivers visual and tactile sensory characteristics which aid in enhancing the product consumption experience of the consumers which is anticipated to drive the demand of global

 Straight wall cans

. Environmental sustainability as well as tackling growing packaging waste disposal are some of the major challenges faced by economies across the global, where as in straight wall cans are in turn providing a sustainable alternative to address these aforementioned challenges.

Attractive attributes such as Sterilization, air tight closure which help to extend the shelf life of the product preferred in food and beverages industry, are ultimately translating growth of the straight walls cans market. Aluminum material is the most preferred choice of the manufacturer to produce straight wall cans. Manufacturers are using powder oxide coating so as to manufacturer straight wall can, such form of technique in packaging ensure the products are produced in the environmentally friendly condition which lessens the impact on the environment.

Furthermore, straight wall can is a highly favored choice of cans manufacturers as it renders 360-degree visual appeal thus creating a brand appealing opportunities for the manufacturer. On the flip side, flexible packaging such as bag-in-box, stand up pouches, vacuum skin packaging, etc. is a close substitute for straight wall cans market. Alternative and cost competitive flexible packaging solutions which are anticipated to be the major restraint for the global straight wall cans market.

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Straight Wall Cans Market – Market Segmentation:

Global straight wall cans market is segmented into material type, end user base, On the basis of material type, straight wall cans is segmented into Paper, metal and plastic. Metal packaging is further sub segmented into steel, aluminum and tin. On the other hand, plastic is sub segmented into polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

On the basis of end user base, straight wall is segmented into food and beverage, personal and healthcare, household, chemical, cosmetic, automobile, others.

Straight Wall Cans Market – Regional Outlook:

North America
Latin America
Eastern Europe
Western Europe
Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ)
Middle East & Africa (MEA)

Asia pacific is anticipated to be the major market for the global straight wall cans market, furthermore in terms of growth, the market is estimated to register highest growth rate over the forecast period amongst all the regions. The global straight wall cans market is highly concentrated in regions of Asia Pacific and North America. With rising growth in food and beverage industry where as in North America is expected to grow at moderate growth rate.

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Four countries, in specific India, China, U.S., and Saudi Arabia account for a significant share of straight wall cans market. With the modification in the design of straight wall cans, it is rendering convenience in cans handling for the consumer which is directly fueling the sales of straight wall cans market, this is further anticipated to witness a surge over the forecast period.

Straight Wall Cans Market – Key Players:

Some of the key players operating in the global straight wall cans market include Aryum Aerosol Cans Ltd, Tubex GmbH, Euro Asia Packaging (Guangdong) Co., Ltd, Ball Corporation, Kian Joo Can Factory, Crown Holdings, Inc., Montbello Packaging, Guangzhou Hengyu Iron Printing & Can- Making Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Randa Metal Material Co., Ltd., Silgan Holding Inc., Hildering Packaging BV.
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