Wireless Logging Services Market Growth to be Fuelled by Advancements in Technology

Published: Mon Oct 08 2018

In today’s global economy, businesses are transforming to meet the evolving challenges. Innovations and new business models foster revenue growth, productivity, efficiency and competitive advantage. Rising customer expectations and demand for 24-hour access to the real-time information has become critical for success of a business. Enhanced mobility and uninterrupted access to enterprise data/network has become inevitable for ensuring continuity of the business, which can be easily achieved by switching to wireless technologies.


Wireless systems address the deployment, management and control issues of the enterprise with a low cost of ownership. It offers employees a greater flexibility via the pervasive access to network resources and applications, thereby enabling increased productivity. However, such wireless systems must comply with network security policies defined and integrate with the end-to-end network security strategies in order to be effective, compliant and efficient. These wireless systems must also deliver intelligent wireless solutions over advanced technologies such as 3G and 4G which provide high speed connectivity. Wireless logging services deals with offering wireless solutions as an alternative to phone line based and standard cable internet services. These wireless services offer secure high speed broadband internet access connection that works from home or office and throughout the entire coverage area. Business establishments are taking the advantage of these services to connect their remotely available products and services and optimize the revenue.

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The factors contributing to the growth of wireless logging services market include increased usage of mobile devices and rise of wireless networks in business enterprises. Data hackers are now using more sophisticated tools and options in hacking sensitive data that are causing serious dents in the revenues. There are several vendors available in the market that compete in offering customized wireless solutions for connecting the systems from enterprises side that are secure and trustworthy. To sustain their competitive advantage, vendors are consistently investing in research and development so as to come up with innovative solutions. This stiff competition among the vendors to offer innovative solutions is contributing to the growth of wireless logging services market.


Also, there is standardized software available for mobile devices but for specific requirements of consumers, customized solutions are also offered by the vendors. In such a market where there are constant evolutions of new threats, customizations are extremely important. However, these customizations could be very innovative and extremely technical that can prove to be a barrier to the growth of this market. Another barrier to the market growth is the easy availability of pirated solutions online. There are some local vendors in the market that offer pirated solutions online at affordable prices. This causes a major dent in the growth of this market due to the stiff competition from unscrupulous vendors. Even though the solutions offered by them contain fewer features, they are still preferred over major players due to the price index.


The wireless logging services market can be segmented on the basis of services and the end-user applications. On the basis of services the market can be segmented into embedded wireless services, gateways and modem services and machine to machine (M2M) cloud services. On the basis of end-user industries the market is segmented into mobile phones, automotive, transportation, infrastructure and healthcare.


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The wireless logging services market is majorly driven by the mobile phones due to fast growing use of smart phones. Some of the other players in this line of business include Cisco, Honeywell, Motorola Solutions, ADT, Brocade Communications and Fortinet, Inc among others. These vendors are continuously innovating to keep themselves at par with evolving technologies. For instance, Sierra Wireless, on September 8 2014, has been certified for Verizon wireless 4G LTE network for its third generation 4G LTE modules.

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