Multi-Assay Screening Systems Market to See Incredible Growth During 2017 - 2025

Multi-assay screening systems are the advanced laboratory automation equipment used for easily switching from one type of assay to another.

[ClickPress, Wed Oct 10 2018] Multi-assay screening systems are the advanced laboratory automation equipment used for easily switching from one type of assay to another. This replaces the need of purchasing several dedicated systems for each assay type. This also reduces the process complexity, fasten the process and easily assess various changes in assay conditions for developing model and validating in-house screens. Some of the associated features with multi-assay screening system includes liquid handling, plate handling, reading and other assorted functions. Multi-assay screening system provide importance to each step along with providing checks. These equipments have user configurable systems to customize the multi-assay screening. Multi-assay screening systems also provide high-throughput screening, higher sensitivity, and speed with minimal downtime which speeds up assay development, validation and execution. Data storage and exportation is also associated feature for these system types. Some systems are also integrated with data analyzers for enabling analysis by Microsoft Excel, Spotfire, or other analysis program. These system are designed to note down subtle changes in experimental conditions and supports recovery from any unscheduled interruptions. The systems also adapts readily to the assay format type and supports multiple read modes.

The multi-assay screening system find their application in clinical diagnostic services and academic research especially for drug discovery purpose. High throughput screening is now being integrated with the drug discovery process and is now widely used in the pharmaceutical and academic fields.

Multi-Assay Screening Systems market: Drivers & Restraints

Growing use of laboratory automation in research and clinical settings fuels the market for multi-assay screening systems. Technological advantages such as fast processing, reproducibility, reduced error rate and user defined functioning help in supporting the market growth for these systems. High product cost, limited usability, high maintenance and service cost and narrow adoption rate for the product type restricts the market growth for multi-assay screening systems. Low market penetration of automated systems in the less developed regions also restricts the global market growth.

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Multi-Assay Screening Systems market: Segmentation

By Applications:

Clinical Diagnostics
Biological Research

‘By End Users:

Diagnostic Centers
Academic & Research Institutes

Multi-assay screening systems are the advanced solution for performing multiple tasks together but the penetration rate for these systems is very less in clinical and research laboratory settings. Limited number of companies are involved in the development for multi-assay screening systems for customized operations. Continuous improvisation as technological enhancements, processing time and complexity would be going to support the market growth for these product types. Companies are also offering customized solutions for multiple assay screening to assist the consumer requirement. Integration of maximum screening assays into the device would help in proliferating the market.

Geographically, the market for Multi-Assay Screening Systems can be segmented into five regions, North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa. North America represents the largest market share for multi-assay screening systems owing to the technologically advanced research centers and diagnostic laboratories. This is followed by the European countries owing to large number of research universities and focus on standardized workflow. In addition, high adoption rate of automated technology supports the market growth in these developed nations. Asia-Pacific market represents the highly potential region for multi-assay screening systems market with the increasing focus on high quality research along with increasing funding. Latin America followed by Middle East & Africa represents the lowest market share with less adoption rate for these advanced laboratory systems.

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Some major key players of Multi-Assay Screening Systems market include Molecular Devices, LLC., Hudson Robotics Inc. and others.


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