Grapefruit Oil Market Report & Analysis | 2017-2022

Published: Thu Oct 11 2018

Key Insights: Global

Grapefruit Oil Market Report

Grapefruit Oil to Witness Escalating Incorporation in Weight Loss Therapy, As Healthy Weight Management Gains Ground Among the Global Consumer

While a number of natural essential oils have been in use targeting weight management, grapefruit oil remains among a few that top the list. The grapefruit oil is proved to activate the functional enzymes in human body that typically serve the fat breakdown. While the fruit contains D-limonene, the grapefruit oil tends to promote healthy metabolism and cleanse lymphatic glands, thereby encouraging weight loss. A few recently conducted preliminary studies also prove that grapefruit oil influences the function of autonomic nerves that control vital bodily functions such as digestion and cardiac activity, which eventually lead to reduced appetite and weight loss. With an expanding consumer base is shifting to a healthy lifestyle, grapefruit oil market is presumed to discover more opportunities in weight loss therapy.

Soaring Industrial Demand: The Chief Driver to Make Europe the Highest Revenue Contributor in Global Grapefruit Oil Market

Europe, one of the highly developed and affluent regional markets, has been the most lucrative territory for producers of natural essential oils over the years. High price point – an otherwise barrier to wide adoption in a majority of regional markets – poses a relatively lower impact on the sales of expensive essential oils such as grapefruit oil, in European countries. Grapefruit oil has registered significant revenue generation within European market and the study reveals further growth in the sales revenue of Europe’s grapefruit oil market owing to strong industrial demand in the recent years. This growth is attributed to the prominent presence of the food and related industries within the continent, in addition to a relatively established market for organic oils. The global grapefruit oil market report uncovers that Europe will remain at the forefront of growth as well as revenue share throughout the forecast period.

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Grapefruit Oil Continue to Witness Towering Demand, Riding on the Versatile Health Benefits

Over 2017-2022, the grapefruit oil market is poised to thrive at a moderate pace, prominently driven by versatile health advantages offered by grapefruit oil. Besides exceptional antimicrobial and antiviral properties, grapefruit oil possesses natural disinfectant properties, making it a suitable ingredient candidate for the formulation of various antibacterial and disinfection agents. Moreover, multiple skin infection types can be effectively addressed by the application of grapefruit oil, which will continue to fuel the demand for grapefruit oil from the dermatology segment. The global grapefruit oil market is expected to attract the revenue in excess of US$ 385 Mn by the end of 2022, as indicated by a recent research study on the global grapefruit oil market.

Australian Businesses to Push Prospects for Grapefruit Oil Market through 2022

Over 90% of the total essential oils production in Australia is exported, owing to the already high demand for products used in the extraction and formulation of natural essential oils facing Australian farmers. Moreover, this scenario is proved to be benefiting both traditional industries (lavender, tea tree) as well as rare segments in terms of cash flow. While natural products consumption has rapidly taken over the artificial ones, Australian market for grapefruit oil is likely to witness promising growth in terms of demand in the next few years. Furthermore, beauty and personal care brands, perfumeries, and aromatherapy businesses in Australia will continue to consume substantial volumes of grapefruit oil for therapeutic products, aromatic and flavoring agents, and cosmetic products.

Global Grapefruit Oil Market Landscape: Competition Tracking

With the flavor of grapefruit rapidly popularizing among consumers worldwide, the demand for grapefruit oil has already reached a tipping point. However, the past couple of years have been witnessing scarce availability of grapefruit oil, consequently followed by the mounting price. Leading grapefruit oil producers competing in the global grapefruit oil market landscape are struggling with this demand-supply imbalance, triggering innovations in their existing product portfolio. With an objective to capitalize on the strong demand for grapefruit oil despite the high price point, the US-based Global Essence – a leading premium quality essential oils supplier, has introduced an extensive range of naturally sourced replacers of grapefruit oil. These replacers enable formulators to continue incorporating the properties of grapefruit oil without being impacted by dwindling grapefruit oil supplies.

Other companies profiled in the global grapefruit oil market report include Citromax Flavors, Inc. (Citromax S.A.C.I.), Fischer S/A - Com. Ind. e Agricultura (Citrosuco Paulista SA), Bontoux S.A.S, Citrus and Allied Essences Ltd, Citrus Oleo, Lionel Hitchen Essential Oils Ltd, Young Living Essential Oils LC:, Symrise AG, do Terra International, and Mountain Rose Herbs, Inc. Sustainable extraction of essential oils will remain the key strategy among a majority of players participating in the global grapefruit oil market space, in an effort to appeal to a larger consumer mass and comply with the regulatory standards. Some aromatherapy players and perfumeries are also patenting their brand new innovations in grapefruit oil formulations.

Grapefruit Oil: Product Definition

A nutrient, antioxidant, and vitamin C enriched fruit, grapefruit has been consumed for various health benefits over the years. Naturally extracted oil from the grapefruit peel, i.e. grapefruit oil is among the top selling essential oils that are extensively purchased by various end use sectors, including food and beverages, healthcare, and other fast thriving segments such as aromatherapy, and scents and fragrances. Grapefruit oil offers a wide range of versatile benefits to health, pushing its demand worldwide.

About the Report: Grapefruit Oil Market

A newly published research intelligence on the global grapefruit oil market predicts moderate prospects of growth for the global market for grapefruit oil over the next five-year period. The report considers 2017-2022 as the projection period and provides thorough insights on the end-to-end grapefruit oil market scenario during the said tenure – based on a series of factors that are likely to influence the grapefruit oil market growth.

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