Mobile Cobots Market: Worldwide Industry Analysis and New Market Opportunities Explored

Published: Mon Oct 15 2018

Global Mobile Cobots Market: Overview

The introduction of the concept of using robots in industries dates several years back. However, the bulky weight and rapid movements of the traditional industrial robots have made them unsafe for human interaction. Their operation requires highly trained programmers and moreover, their readjustments are difficult. Nevertheless, the advent of light-weight and mobile plug robots that are safe to collaborate with human workers are rapidly changing the landscape of the global industrial robot industry. Thanks to advancements in vision and sensor technology, they are leading to robust, flexible, and collaborative robots, known as cobots, which are expected to yield higher throughput and better accuracy.

Mobile cobots are intelligent and easily transportable robots that are designed to work as assistants alongside people in a shared workplace. With the help of cutting-edge, self-driving vehicle technology, these cobots are set to upend the world of industrial robots by making automation a feasible and affordable trend for many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the world. Dependable features such as bionic motions, superior sensitivity, and on-the-fly switches between supervised and autonomous tasks are the hallmarks of mobile cobots. A study conducted by an MIT professor reveals that an efficient collaboration of robots and humans can be more productive than teams made of either robots or humans alone.

This market intelligence report serves as a reliable business tool of analysis and information regarding various critical aspects of the global mobile cobots market including its dynamics, trends, geographical segmentation, and competitive landscape. The top-down and bottom-up approaches are used to calculate and validate the size of the global market and various segments.

Global Mobile Cobots Market: Drivers and Opportunities

Due to their relatively low price and higher return on investment (ROI), mobile cobots are increasingly attracting SMEs. They come with benefits such as easy to use, safe to be around, and easily adaptable to new tasks, making them suitable for small-batch manufacturing and product cycles. They can also assist in repetitive and menial tasks. The increasing investments in automation in industries are also working in the favor of the growth of the global mobile cobots market.

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The future holds immense growth opportunities for the market. Cobots are creating new markets for store assistants, warehouse and distribution center, guides, inventory takers, and kiosks. They are entering the aerospace sector. Companies such as Airbus and Boeing are increasingly interested in adopting collaborative robots for the entire wing section assembly.

Global Mobile Cobots Market: Geographical Segmentation

The market is expected to gain much of the traction in Europe, where favorable regulations are promoting the use of cobots across industries in order to cut down the need for safety fences between robots and humans. The high acceptance of technologically advanced assets is also providing a significant boost to the growth of the region. The increase in regulations pertaining to safety standards in collaborative technology and the continuous advancements in sensor technology coupled with the rising focus on safety sensors are fuelling the growth of the North America mobile cobots market. The growth of Asia Pacific and Rest of the World will be supplemented by the growing trend of industrial automation and the flourishing growth of the automotive industry in emerging countries.

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Companies Mentioned in the Report:

Mobile cobots are an emerging technology. They account for just a fraction of the overall sales of industrial robots worldwide. However, several companies have started investing in the market and various designs are currently in the pipeline, such as the Yaskawa Motoman project. Some of the prominent players operating in the global mobile cobots market are Universal Robots, ABB, Adept, Fanuc, Kawasaki, Yaskawa, Nachi, Denso, Kuka, and Epson.

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