IoT in Education Market: growing vulnerability around the security and privacy restrict the growth

Published: Wed Oct 17 2018

Rise in the use of mobile and Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled devices has transformed several industries, including automotive, health care, and retail. However, one of the significant beneficiaries of Internet of Things (IoT) is the education sector. Smart devices have become commonplace in classrooms. Each year, Internet-enabled devices, such as smart boards to tablets, are being introduced in classrooms. IoT-enabled devices provide a number of benefits to educational institutions, which help them function in a more efficient manner.

The most important benefit of having a connected classroom is that it streamlines tracking and accountability. Moreover, the cloud allows for easy storage of data related to students’ grades, classwork and homework, and various assignments. In case of higher education, IoT has made gathering, sharing, and presentation of information easy and quick. Colleges and universities are experimenting with IoT approaches. For instance, adoption of fitness devices to keep check on students’ health or tracking temperature readings in lab equipment and sending notifications whenever required.

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IoT in education market - Drivers and Restraints

IoT in education creates an entire learning flow, from content creation to publication of large online modules. It also helps in the deployment of an academic LMS in educational institutions that essentially allows instructors to manage course content and monitor and evaluate students’ performance. A lecture capture solution (LCS) is another interactive platform used in educational institutions that records lessons, presentations, and meetings in the digital format for later viewing.

The IoT in education market is driven by the production of digital learning solutions supported by strong connectivity, low-cost devices, and strong government initiatives in different regions to promote the adoption of IoT enabled devices in schools and universities. Digital learning solutions efficiently integrate with one another to allow data to flow seamlessly, thereby allowing institutions to build a comprehensive Big Data repository. Increase in the requirement of students to receive information anytime and anywhere and the need to propagate information have brought IoT enabled solutions to the vanguard of the education sector.

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However, the growing vulnerability around the security and privacy of the IoT ecosystem and complications regarding financing information technology infrastructure and services are estimated to restrict the growth of the IoT in education market in the coming years. Nevertheless, increase in the adoption of IoT devices is expected to present a number of opportunities for IoT in education market. Many universities are now using hybrid cloud as their enterprise architecture for hosting different IoT applications. Moreover, there is rise in the use of learning management systems for generating vast data among schools as well as universities.

Advance electronic classrooms are now well equipped with lecture capture systems and web streaming that provide material on demand whenever required. IoT also offers a unique opportunity for online digital courses, which helps students to attend courses without being physically present. This has helped students in emerging economies to earn degrees without investing large amounts in higher education. IoT is being used to integrate mobile learning applications. The apps are helping students to take advantage for learning resources, efficiently work on projects, and manage assignments.

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IoT in education market - Segmentation

The IoT in education market can be segmented based on component, application, and region. Based on component, the IoT in education market can be classified into hardware, software, and services. In terms of application, the IoT in education market can be categorized into learning management solutions, Big Data analytics, academic devices, and lecture capturing solutions. Based on region, the ma IoT in education market rket can be segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, and Middle East & Africa.

IoT in education market - Key Players

Key players in the IoT in education market include Google Inc. Adobe Systems, Educomp Solution, Intel Corporation, IBM Corporation,TopScan LLC (Scanmarker), IPEVO Inc., SMART Technologies, Sonic Foundry Inc., ARM Ltd., Cisco Systems, Unit4, N2N Services, SunGard K-12, and Ellucian Company L.P.
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