EMA-BIA presented the new Silky Kit collection with a great success at Mipel fair in Milan

Published: Thu Oct 18 2018

EMA-BIA by Emanuela Bianchi made its official debut in the world of fashion at Mipel exhibition in Milan. The new brand has presented with great success the innovative "Silky Kit" collection.

The SILKY KIT collection is available in three different versions and is characterized by the presence in the kit of a 'Silky bag' and two 'Silky Stripes', that guarantee a unique alignment.

As a true personal shopper the Silky Kit is the new ally for those who love to dress with plain colored dresses, but who do not want to give up trendy colorful details which are at the same time elegant, to brighten up their look on all occasions of their day.

Versatile accessories designed specifically to completely change an outfit with a single gesture. In the Silky Kit the value of the materials, the craftsmanship and the variety of prints are combined with practicality.
Three models of Silky Kit available according to the different needs of use:

Silky Kit 30:
2 Silky Stripes and a large Shopper Bag for the day.
Available in different varieties of prints.

Silky Kit 22:
2 Silky Stripes and a soft Mini Bag to always carry with you. Perfect both for the day and for a cocktail evening with friends.
Available in different varieties of prints.

Silky Kit Clutch:
2 Silky Stripes and a clutch bag, small practice and never predictable, for evenings and events particularly elegant or to give a touch of elegance and personality to a casual-chic dress.
Available in different varieties of prints.

All Silky Kit lines offer multi-seasonal products in 100% silk and selected leathers. The silk and the prints used are unique and available either individually or in a limited edition in a kit, specifically designed to highlight the value of the uniqueness of the product and personal style.
The accuracy of the details and the simplicity of the lines, which make up the design of accessories in combination with the variety of prints, have aroused particular appreciation from the international public who were looking for a product guaranteed by a 100% Made in Italy supply chain recognized therefore for a very high quality standards.

All EMA-BIA accessories are made entirely by hand in Italy: the artisan tradition from Varese and leather manufacturing linked with this collection meets and blends perfectly with the unique skills of Como’s artisans in the silk processing. The main objective of the brand is to offer customers a product of excellence that really enhances the heritage of Italian local and traditional craftsmanship.

EMA-BIA is present on the web with its Online Store ema-bia.com where you can buy all Silky line products: Silky Kit (Silky & Silky Stripes Bags sold in one Kit), Silky Stripes (sold individually) and Silky Pillows , soft silk cushions to customize the spaces of your home.

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