Published: Thu Oct 18 2018

A dynamic and creative brother duo is making waves in their small hometown as they launch a crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter to presell their music. Their #whattheluckcampaign is focused on making dreams come alive and putting out the word that it doesn’t matter where you are from, it is only where you want to go. Apart from the deep message, it isn’t just about a presale. They want to raise awareness about local musicians, their struggle, and making dreams come true no matter where you come from. To really make the campaign stand apart though they have introduced a couple of unique twists to their incentives list that puts their crowdfunding right in the front seat.

What is a Kickstarter Campaign?

For those behind on the times, crowdfunding has become the rage in the past decade. Asking others to help support your dreams is nothing new, but with technology and popular platforms made specifically for that purpose, it has become easier and much more well known. While some use the platforms for donation style support, these guys are offering actual materials for sale, and for cheap at that.

What Makes Them Stand Apart

By offering their digital album downloads starting at only $3 they are setting themselves at one of the lowest price tiers in the industry, but this isn’t because of their lack of confidence in popularity though. They want to spread the word and make sure it gets out to everyone. They believe in making music for their fans that brings smiles to their faces, makes them laugh, makes them cry, embraces their love of the outdoors, and stirs up memories that everyone can relate with. Coming from a small town, they want to inspire others by letting them know it doesn’t take anything more than a little luck, a lot of hard work, and a lot more determination to make your dreams happen.

While they are obviously catering to the music scene, they also want to get their friends, family, and any other dreamers involved in their #whattheluckcampaign. For those individuals not as interested in the music, they have the bases covered as well. For only a $1 they are offering a Mystery Luck Draw playing off their band name "Luck." As their "What the Luck Campaign" progresses they plan to send out hints of possible prizes, some of which currently involve signed guitars, personalized songs, music merchandise, and of course free downloads. However, depending on the success of their campaign, this could even extend to concert tickets, trips, and shopping sprees. Being based out of a popular gambling state, this is one Montana lottery that everyone is expected to get happy about.

Personalized Songs as Unique Gifts

The second unusual reward that they are putting out is in the form of a song. Jake is a master wordsmith and loves the challenge of creating songs off the cuff. These will be taken a little more seriously as he is offering a limited number, 27 to be exact, for luck of course. The idea came about as in the past he has regularly made up tunes while playing gigs around his hometown. They were always a big hit with the breweries and bars, and when tragedy has hit close to home, certain songs truly pull on the heartstrings. When it was suggested that maybe they would make some of the most unique and personal wedding or anniversary gifts, he knew that had to be one of his incentives and plans to work with the individual to create a one-of-a-kind gift.

Looking Forward After Their Recording is Complete
After their campaign ends in November, they are headed straight to the recording studio and will continuing booking gigs for their upcoming tour. They also plan on donating a portion of their profits next year to nonprofits for musicians in need, specifically those such as The Sweet Relief Musicians Fund (more info https://sweetrelief.org) that focuses on musicians suffering from severe illnesses like cancer. These nonprofits hit close to home as they realize the struggle of musicians to get by. With the actual pay for a local band totaling a cost far below minimum wage, they know a lot of great singers and songwriters out there who can’t pursue their dream because of financial feasibility. For those that have and have been caught with misfortunes, there is no turning back. They’d want to raise awareness of this fact and to let everyone know that it doesn’t matter where you come from, it is only where you want to go. A little luck and determination can go a long way.

Follow their #whattheluckcampaign on Kickstarter at www.kickstarter.com/projects/luck/what-the-luck-campaign (www.whattheluckband.com) to grab a digital download, personalized song, enter into their Mystery Luck Draw, and to support Montana and other struggling musicians.
Contact Name: Jake Huotari
Contact Email: whattheluckband@gmail.com

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