MIRACLE ON WHEELS – A STORE HOUSE OF TALENT : Sofia Mansoori – India’s First Hearing Impaired Artist

Published: Tue Oct 23 2018

Bangalore-based Miracle on Wheels, an organization dedicated to training and uplifting the differently abled in the field of performing arts, has expanded its faculty by adding SofiaMansoori, India’s first hearing impaired classical dancer and choreographer into its fold. Miracle on Wheels, through this, will make a giant leap in its endeavor to ensure that every challenged child/person receives Art Education. In fact, SofiaMansoori had trained under Mahira Jaan, Guru at Miracle on Wheels, whose life’s goal is to create a future where artists withdisabilities flourishand continue to work.

Sofia Mansoori joined the organisation at a time when she knew nothing about dance or rhythm.Mahira Jaan, Director at Miracle on Wheels says: "Through touch therapy, Sophia was trained to feel the rhythm that existed in the body which as a result helped her to flow with the music in spite of not being able to hear it. It took a couple of years for Sofia to consistently train and mould herself to pick up the nuances of the art." She further added: "Today Sofia is an extremely dedicated dancer and teacher and teaches classical dance regularly to many normal and hearing impaired students at Miracle On Wheels. She is one of the leading artists of the performing unit through which she has travelled widely for national and international dance festivals in India, Italy, Russia, Malaysia, Canada, the UAE, the Sultanate of Oman among other places."

Sofia, once anintrovert,has transformed herself beautifully to be an independent woman and exhibits an outstanding positive attitude towards people and her profession. Now she is an elegant dancer who performs without listening to music, not missing a single step or rhythm up to an hour. She enjoys practicing her art form and is thankful to be a part of Miracle on Wheels which is committed to making dance accessible to many like her.

About Mahiraa Jaan’s Miracle on Wheels one of its kind is organisation promoting and showcasing the talents and abilities of people who are differently abled. A great place to learn exclusive innovative dance forms on Wheelchairs and Crutches. They train both the differently abled and the abled in dance forms like Sufi, Martial Arts (Sword Dances), Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Contemporary, Folk Dance and Dramas on Wheelchairs. It is the right place to learn endless creative Therapeutic Dance forms on the wheelchairs from world renowned Gurus. The organisation holds the Motto of bringing their differently abled artists into the limelight and showcases their skills and abilities across the Nation and the World.

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