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Published: Tue Oct 23 2018

The Hyderabad Cricket Club was established as an interest group in 2006 by Mr. Vivekananddh Reddy Gurram. His prior record as a leagues player in Hyderabad helped him establish a rapport with the cricket loving youth in the city. People soon started flocking to him every weekend, and the Hyderabad Cricket Club[ Trademark Filed] was born.

The operations were formalized into a company by the name of Wattey Shot Pvt Ltd which caters to the nonprofessional sport loving people in the country. It has the motto of ‘Chalo Khelein Aaj… Chalo Jeetein Aaj and promotes the cultures of play hard, fair and safe.

Professional Associations

The Hyderabad Cricket Club has always had professional representation in its umpiring. Every tourney of its has been presided with official HCA umpires to offer its players a fair playing ground. The newly Telangana Cricket Association recognizes the Hyderabad Cricket Club as a provider of official matches. Efforts are on to get the matches recognized by the Hyderabad Cricket Association as well.

The Hyderabad Cricket Club also has professional agreements with Groundwala for external infrastructure arrangements; and Nano Health for managing the Health and Wellness of its members.

It has also approached several leading lifestyle medical doctors including the idea clinics (40000+ patients) where the medical professionals are willing to ‘Prescribe the Health Membership’ of the Hyderabad Cricket Club. This gives us a ready stream of members who would rather pay money for their own betterment, as opposed to paying for big pharma.

These associations give us a competitive advantage in the medium term. With the enrollment and continuous care management; it will turn into a sustainable competitive advantage.

Macroeconomic Climate
India is a land of 1.2 Billion People. With a Real Growth rate in excess of 7%, the purchasing power of its citizens is the fastest in the world. With a growth in disposable income, the aspirational needs of its denizens are also drastically changing.

The unfortunate fact remains that India is also home to over 50 million Diabetics. Over 50% of its youth is affected with a Non-Communicable Lifestyle Related disease[1]. When people are screened positive for a Non Communicable disease, the recourse prescribed is medication and exercise. Most Indians look at exercise as walking (which does not yield large changes in results) or their local gym (demotivation after the first 1week). It is extremely important to have a cohort to accompany each person on their journey. A club is a perfect space to find a cohort.

Hundreds of thousands of youth flocked to the country’s coaching institutions, with parents historically prioritizing education with all else; seeing it as a ticket out of poverty. This is changing. Parents are now more concerned about the all round development of the child, but given population densities in its cities; play areas are scarce. Mentorship in the previous generation rarer.

This makes the environment perfect for sport and lifestyle related clubs to flourish.

Technology Driving Force
The Hyderabad Cricket Club has a strong following online. It has about 3000 followers on Facebook, and multiple people joining it every day on meetup. We have also released the Hyderabad Cricket Club app on the Android Play Store that ensures that anyone who wishes to play at a day’s notice will be given a fair chance. Intone Technologies partners with us in the development of technological solutions.

When we integrate this with the health partnerships; we provide a single stop shop for all the sport and health-related needs of our users. The best companies of the day capture the largest mindshare of their users. If we are able to capture a larger share of people’s mind space every day; we would be able to leverage our technology for the right purpose.

The Hyderabad Cricket Club also partners with the NHCT ecosystem which rewards its members with tokens based on the blockchain technology. This gives the members an added incentive to keep themselves in perfect shape

[1] Diseases/Disorders like Diabetes, Dyslipidemia, Hypertension, Thyroid Disorder, Obesity based on an independent study commissioned by the Hyderabad Cricket Club.

Memberships Proposed
The marketing of these would be on us. We would also look into the option of converting these payments into EMIs using tie-ups with financial institutions.

This retails at Rs. 9995 + taxes. An annual membership that comes with a health promise. Dietician support and continuous monitoring is a part of it. Consumables in the form of food, drinks, sport are paid at actuals. No prioritization for bookings. Alternate arrangements may be made if facilities are not available at other locations.

This retails at:

First Hundred Memberships

100,000 – Lifetime

25,000 – Two Years

Next Two Hundred Memberships

200,000 – Lifetime

50,000 – Two Years


500,000 – Lifetime

125,000 – Two Years

Access to the club’s facilities for Couple + 2 children up to the age of 18. Continuous care management for life. Priority Access to club facilities.

10% discount on consumables.

This retails at:

First Hundred Memberships

150,000 – Lifetime

37,500 – Two Years

Next Two Hundred Memberships

300,000 – Lifetime

75,000 – Two Years
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