Safety Switch Market: Future Forecast Assessed on the basis of how the Market is Predicted to Grow

Published: Wed Oct 24 2018

Safety Switch Market – Overview

A safety switch is a device that rapidly switches off the electricity supply if an electrical fault is sensed, to decrease the risk of electricity-related fires, electric shock, damage and death. By regulation & rules, safety switches guarding power points and lighting circuits must be fitted in all new households and in office block where electrical circuits are altered or added. This rule was bring together in 1991, so if house was built before this time, it may not be sheltered by safety switches.

Safety switches are also essential for power outlets providing cavalcades or similar space in cavalcade parks. When a person makes direct contact with electrical energy, it is directed away from its main path in the electrical circuit and instead goes through the person’s body to earth. A safety switch can sense the change in the electrical circuit and switches the power off in as little as 0.3 seconds. Circuit breakers and fuses protect against short circuits and current overloads, but only safety switches defend people from electric shock.

Safety Switch Market – Drivers and Restraints

One of the major drivers for this safety switch market is strict safety regulations to defend workers in manufacturing industries. Safety sensors and switches are used in a broad range of applications in manufacturing procedures such as assembly, material handling, packaging robot cells, conveyor systems, and transport systems. The aforementioned procedures are widely predominant in the food and beverage, automotive, heavy machinery, and chemical industries.

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The increase in demand for the products of these industries and the better economic condition in several emerging countries are the dynamics that are predictable to lead to new manufacture and manufacturing amenities. The growth of safety devices in the workplace is primarily driven by government rules. The need to protect organizations in industrial locations has encouraged the governments in numerous countries to derive up with stringent regulations on device and personnel safety.

Safety Switch Market – Segmentation

The global safety switch market is segmented on the basis of, product type, safety system, switches type, industry vertical, and geographical region. On the basis of product type, the safety switch market is segmented into contact switch and non-contact switch. On the basis of safety system, the safety switch market is segmented into HIPPS, fire & gas monitoring systems, ESD, BMS, and turbo machinery control systems. On the basis of switches type, the safety switch market is segmented into switchboard safety switches, power point switches and portable safety switches. By industry vertical, safety switch market can be segmented into energy & power, oil & gas, chemical, food & beverage, metal & mining, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, packaging, water & wastewater treatment, commercial and others.

By geographical region the global safety switch market is split up into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa and South America. North America is expected to have major market share during expected period and is predictable to witness important development owing to the presence of large developed companies and oil & gas companies working in this region. The region, along with Europe, is one of the makers in adopting new skills, which is also one of the key features for the high CAGR in this region.

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Safety Switch Market – Key Players

The key players are Schneider Electric (France), General Electric (US), Rockwell (US), ABB (Switzerland), Siemens (Germany), Eaton (Republic of Ireland), Omron (Japan), Honeywell (US), Pepperl+Fuchs (Germany), SICK (Germany), Banner Engineering (US), Pilz (Germany), BERNSTEIN (Germany), EUCHNER (Germany), Emerson (US), IDEC (Japan), Fortress Interlocks (UK), IDEM (UK), Schmersal (Germany), and Stahl (Germany) are some major players in the safety switch market.
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