Experts Say Short Stories Help Children Become Avid Readers

Published: Thu Nov 01 2018

Comic books have long suffered from a bad reputation. Dismissed by parents as too simplistic to offer the developmental benefits of "real books", comic books have been viewed as a distraction from learning. But this myth is now being challenged, as research has shown reading about superheroes is not only fun, but it can also raise children to be super-readers at the same time.

Getting children to enjoy books at a young age is crucial, as research has shown that children who enjoy reading at a young age will likely become avid readers later in life, and enjoy the associated benefits including increased vocabulary and higher levels of concentration.

Comic books unlike traditional books, burst with visual appeal. Their attention-grabbing images, bright colours, and snippets of text do not overwhelm children starting to read.
As comic books provide images of the storyline as it unfolds, this gives the new readers the time they need, to decipher individual words and sentences without losing track of the storyline. According to experts, this level of engagement will not only help children in the long-run by enabling them to develop a good relationship with reading but can also have immediate advantages, like increased vocabulary skills.

Fabelizer is a publisher that produces content for children and has launched a range of superhero comic books to help educate, as well as entertain children aged 3 to 10. Aychu- Guardian of the Green is about Aychu, a superhero who is passionate about nature and saving the planet. Although shy, Aychu fights to save the town she lives in from environmental disasters and stands up for what she knows is right. This powerful plot not only teaches children about the importance of protecting our environment but also teaches them valuable moral lessons.

About Fabelizer & Aychu:
Fabelizer products which include comics and videos are produced in 40 languages made possible using artificial intelligence technologies. An application of Blockchain enables artists, over different language skills and methods, to collaborate over the cloud to stitch together thousands of design components into complete products.
Aychu comics & videos are only available digitally on platforms such as YouTube, Amazon, Kobo, iBooks Store and Google Play Books. For information on how to secure copies of Aychu E-comic books, please visit

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