Global Xenon Headlights Market Projected to Augment at a Notable CAGR during the Forecast Period unt

Published: Thu Nov 01 2018

FactMR has come up with a new research report on global xenon headlights market, highlighting driver, restraints, trends and opportunities impacting this landscape. Increase in demand for vehicles has fueled the growth of the global xenon headlight market. This is bound to impact sales of xenon headlights. The research study delivers holistic analysis on global xenon headlight market over the forecast period 2018-2027.

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The global market for xenon headlights has been expanding on account of the rising propensity of the masses towards aesthetic lights and graphics in automobiles and houses. Xenon headlights consume lesser energy as against conventional headlights, and this has emerged as a key reason behind their increased demand within the global market. Furthermore, the manufacturers of xenon light have been steadfast in ensuring that products of all sizes and capacities are made available to the consumers. Hence, it is safe to project that the demand within the global market for xenon headlights would reach unprecedented heights over the forthcoming years.

The automotive industry has started installing xenon lights to fulfil their corporate social responsibility (CSR) that necessitates them to use energy-efficient parts and components. This has opened new growth avenues for the vendors operating in the global market for xenon headlights. Despite the affluence of the global xenon headlights market, safety concerns have restrained the demand for these lights across the world. Xenon headlights are extremely bright and luminescent which often blinds the vision of the pedestrians or drivers coming from the opposite side. Nevertheless, the enthusiasts of sports and luxury cars are expected to keep installing xenon headlights to enhance the look and appearance of their vehicles.

Key companies involved in the manufacturing of xenon headlights have been profiled in this report. Analysis of company’s key financials, product portfolio, SWOT analysis and strategies implied to gain competitive advantages have been included in this report. Leading manufacturers such as HELLA, OSRAM, PHILIPS, Panasonic, Monobee, and USHIO have been profiled in the report. Additionally, key developments and innovations have been incorporated in the report.

Improved lifestyle has forced people to buy cars and owing to increased demand for automobiles, manufacturers are adding extra features at competitive prices. Xenon lights add beauty to the car aesthetics and are provide better illumination for driving experience.

Lumileds has taken high-density discharge (HID) lighting to the next level with Philips Xenon CrystalVision ultra. These lights delivers brilliant white light with color temperature of up to 5000 K. These are direct replacement for standard HID bulbs. The bright, crisp white light of Philips Xenon CrystalVision ultra HIDs are perfect for the drivers, who are searching for advanced performance and style.

Philips has launched an anti-counterfeit program to eliminate fraudulent xenon headlight bulbs owing to counterfeiting of Xenon HID lights. The program is developed to help consumers against fake Xenon headlight bulbs. This program provides retailers, distributors and consumers to easily and quickly establish the authenticity of a Philips Xenon HID product. Philips products now comes with label ID, holographic seal and QR code which can be either scanned, or label IDs can be entered on Philip’s official site to confirm authenticity of the product. A confirmation message will be received if the label IDs or security codes are valid. This has minimized threats among people regarding fraudulent products.

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Owing to high-density discharge, Xenon headlights are on high demand. Such type of lights delivers premium standard of lighting and are more effective for illuminating the drive ahead. These long life Xenon headlights brings premium look to any car. Xenon lights have the high temperature illumination compared to other type of lights such as LEDs or halogen bulbs.

Increased competition has led financial companies to reduce interest rates on vehicle loan, combined with competitive vehicle prices have resulted in increased number of automobiles sales. This is likely to further fuel demand for Xenon headlights. However, halogen lights are the most popular type of headlights due to low cost and easy to replace facility. Most of the halogen bulbs generate 3200K and 5000K temperature but fail to cover large area. Xenon headlights are brighter than halogen lights and covers large area as well as are durable with three times more life than that of halogen bulbs. Thereby, Xenon headlight bulbs have gained traction in the automobile market.

On the other hand, among all the technology types utilized for lighting, LEDs are the most popular and closely followed by Xenon lights. Owing to increasing demand for LEDs, automobile manufacturers have been compelled to consider LEDs to be key differentiating factor, which can increase automobile sales. Technical benefits, engineering flexibility and superior design of LEDs are likely to result in high use of LEDs. This is likely to limit the growth of global xenon headlight market.

The global xenon headlight market is highly segmented owing to existence of many local manufacturers. The prospect for the growth of xenon headlight market is totally depends on sales of automobiles and rise in automobile manufacturing. Increase in automobile sales will increase sales of Xenon headlights.

Overall, the research study Xenon headlights market offers in-depth analysis on the key factors that are likely to shape this landscape for the period 2018-2027. Readers can expect holistic analysis and insights on the strategies adopted by key players in this market. The insights offered in the report can help stakeholders in gaining a holistic perspective on the future of voice evacuation systems market.

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