Ability Unlimited Aim for Global Reach Offers National and International Franchise

Published: Fri Nov 02 2018

Bengaluru November, 2018: World Wheelchair Dance Organisation Ability Unlimited is all set to spread its wings by going for National and International Franchise and announced support through proper training. Dr. Syed Sallauddin Pasha, Founder and Director said, "It’s time to share 30 years of innovative therapeutic wheelchair dance for Differently Abled people and the desire of this innovative dance to reach every nook and corner of the world, we are keen to offer franchisees to people who are genuinely interested in learning and propagate the wheelchair dance as a livelihood." Those interested can contact through support@abilityunlimited.com, Phone +91 9811340308.

"I do workshops for the differently abled people in several Countries. Hailing from India, I want this Dance form to reach every differently abled person who lives in the most remote parts of India and world." This is a great option for disabled people for making a livelihood through Dance on the Wheelchairs. "Hence the training becomes an integral part and our effort is to show them the right methodology of the Dance Form.", he continues.

Just like any other classical dance form, the wheelchair classical dance is learnt through Guru Shishya Parampara. The right method and training has to be implemented to learn and become experts in the wheelchair classical dance form. If not learnt through the correct method it could be destructive or harmful to one’s self. These techniques can not be learnt over night and through videos. The dynamics and intricacies need to be felt and understood. This along with consistent practice can produce a good dancer on wheelchairs.

Ability Unlimited has been teaching Dance Therapy, Wheelchair Dance Production and Workshops for thousands of people in countries including India, Malaysia, USA, Finland, Estonia, Moscow, Oman, UAE, Italy and Canada.

Dr Pasha is the innovator of the Wheelchair Classical Dance in India. He is considered as the father of Therapeutic Dance Theatre in India. His work has been recognised Internationally and he has received several National and International Awards, including the National Award from President of India for "Empowerment of Person with disabilities."

About Ability Unlimited : Ability Unlimited is the brain child of Guru Dr Syed Sallauddin Pasha. Over 30 years, he has innovated wheelchair classical dances for Differently Abled which won National and International recognition including National Award from President of India, recognition from the President and the King and Queen of Malaysia, Guinness World Record and Limca Book of World Records.
He is considered as the father of Indian Therapeutic Theatre in India. His dance and Movement therapy work has been recognised in India, Europe and Asian Countries. Ability Unlimited is the first and only group in the world to perform Classical Dances on wheelchairs. Website: www.abilityunlimited.com
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