Global Crampon Market Insights, Trends & Future Development Status Recorded during 2018-2028

Published: Mon Nov 05 2018

A crampon is typically fastened to a footwear while treading snow covered terrains for greater mobility. It is mainly used by mountaineers. There are different kinds of products currently available in the global crampon market to suit various needs of the adrenaline junkies. For example, there are the ultralight strap-on crampons meant for super light hiking boots. Then there are rigid-soled boots for mountaineering and ice climbing.

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The global crampon market is set to grow as more products are launched owing to the increasing thrust on product development and with an increasing number of people taking to adventures. A substantial fillip to the global crampon market is also being provided by the online ecommerce platforms. They make it easier for buyers to compare products and prices.
However, posing a challenge to the global crampon market’s growth is the increasing availability of alternatives such as microspikes. The latter help facilitate easy movement on flat icy surfaces. Further, microspikes steal a march over crampons since they require reduced maintenance.
The global crampon market is a highly regulated one as producers need to meet various standards stipulated by relevant bodies and obtain certain certifications to their products as well. This is serving to slow growth slightly.
The Outdoor Industry Association, a non-profit organization, conducted a research on outdoor recreation participation in the U.S. in 2016. The report states that the number of Americans participating in outdoor activities increased by around 2 million to reach 144.4 million by the end of 2016 within one year. Also, Americans who participated in outdoor activities embarked upon around 77 outings per American in 2015, and the number increased up to 83 outings per American in 2016. As crampons are among the most important mountaineering and ice climbing equipment, increasing popularity of these outdoor recreation activities is augmenting the growth of the crampons market. The number of Americans participating in mountaineering and ice or traditional climbing increased from 2.5 million to 2.7 million in a year, by the end of 2016.
Increasing needs for maintaining fitness and indulgence in adventure sports activities are the primary factors that are boosting the participation in outdoor recreation activities. Rising health concerns are leading to an escalating number of consumers participating in health-benefitting fitness activities like ice climbing or alpine climbing. Increasing participation of young adults across the word in ice climbing and mountaineering, which is driven by rising health consciousness is boosting demand for crampons across the world. The emergence of various ice climbing competition further boosts demand for crampons across the world. With the growing demand for a variety of crampons used for ice climbing and mountaineering, the crampons market is witnessing healthy growth.

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Crampons play an important role in ice climbing and mountaineering activities. There are some international organizations that authorize the manufacturing and distribution of various ice climbing equipment such as ice axe and crampons. The UIAA – International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation have established UIAA Standards for climbing equipment that are ‘globally recognized’ standards. All the manufacturers and distributors in the crampons must comply with the safety regulations and standards developed by the UIAA. Also, the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) regulated the manufacturing processes and distribution of crampons in European markets as well as in other key markets in the world. Getting CE certification can help manufacturers and distributors to capture more lucrative sales opportunities in the crampons market.
To improve the safety and reliability of various climbing equipment, leading manufacturers in the crampons market are focusing on gaining important certifications. Various climbing organizations such as International Ski Mountaineering Federation and the UIAA organize climbing competitions, which only approve the use of certified crampons. With the increasing awareness of standards and demand for certified crampons, leading manufacturers are focusing mainly on complying with necessary international standards such as UIAA and CE standards. Gaining these certifications and complying with these international standards is helping manufacturers in the crampons market to boost their sales in the global market.
On slick surfaces such as ice-covered rocks and snow-covered slopes, crampons help to provide necessary ground traction and prevent from sinking down in the snow. Owing to the importance of the reliability of crampons, consumers are making the decision of purchasing crampons more critically. Depending on its various applications such as snow-walking and climbing vertical ice surfaces, consumers are choosing flexible, rigid, and semi-rigid crampons. Also, the material used for manufacturing crampons plays an important role in the purchasing decisions of consumers. Manufacturers are making use of steel and aluminum to make crampons to add various benefits to crampons such as corrosion resistance, durability, and usability.
Manufacturers are integrating crampons with anti-balling systems or antibott plates, which are additional plates that prevent snow or ice balls forming up under the climbers’ shoes. Also, the choice of consumers’ footwear and crampon bindings are important factors that make an impact on the consumers’ decisions of purchasing crampons. Nevertheless, growing availability of the alternatives of crampons such as microspikes may affect the crampons sales and growth of the crampons market. Microspikes replace crampons while walking on flat icy surfaces. Also, as microspikes need less maintenance, demand for crampons among consumers participating in climbing as an outdoor recreation activity.

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