Cynthia Ransom Promotes Holistic Health Options to Foster Wellbeing

Published: Tue Nov 13 2018

The debate over health care rages on, yet in truth, it has little correlation to being healthy. Holistic health practitioner Cynthia Ransom, a Traditional Naturopath, points out that our health care system is failing us in key areas.

"Health care costs are skyrocketing, and yet we’re still experiencing a spike in diseases such as Alzheimer’s and autism," Ransom explains. "Additionally, there is little preventative health care in medicine—it’s all about finding disease early, not prevention."

According to Ransom, using holistic methodologies for health care is largely overlooked by medical professionals because of the legalities in the way our medical system is structured. What doctors can’t tell you, Ransom does, opening the door to another world by using holistic thought in addition to allopathic medicine.

"In our current health care system, we are like sheep," says Ransom. "We funnel in, get tested, get medicated, and move on. If this standardized methodology was working, we would see a spike in health, not in disease rates and health care costs. I came up with the Blue Sheep Movement because I believe there is a better way to create and maintain health."

Ransom proposes a distinct approach: "You can incorporate the best of medicine but also take a personal stance on your health, incorporating nutritional, emotional, and holistic methodology to stay out of what I call the sick care system."

To help others become aware of their options, Ransom has written her first book, "The Blue Sheep Movement," comprised of personal stories that educate readers about holistic approaches to health and empower people to make the best decision for them given their particular health situation.

Of the book, Ransom comments, "I want to open the door to more conversations." She is teaming up with other doctors and health professionals in the holistic arena to present this information to the public through a series of speaking engagements.

"We want to be of service, to aid people in their decision making as they navigate different options available to them. But the first step is that people have to know there are viable alternatives they can pursue."

Publisher Lisa M. Umina adds, "This book is a resource with the potential to help so many people who are looking for to promote their holistic health. Ransom is contributing her knowledge and experience to this ongoing conversation in an important way."

For more information about Cynthia Ransom visit "The Blue Sheep Movement" is now available at Halo Publishing International, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Books a Million in Paperback for $ Paperback Price: $12.95 and eBook Price: $4.99

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