Avocado Oil Market Expected to Secure Notable Revenue Share during 2017-2026

Published: Thu Nov 15 2018

Mounting incidences of lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular disorders across the globe. For instance, in United States about 610,000 individuals die due to heart disorders each year. Awareness regarding health issues and suitable precautionary measures have gained increased importance ever since. Scientists and medical experts have been researching upon various natural treatments and solutions to such chronic diseases. This pushed the research on avocado oil owing to the health benefits associated with its consumption.

Avocado oil is used in various applications, such as in cosmetics, personal care and medicinal applications. It has gained high importance in medicinal applications owing to various advantages it provides, for instance it supports in reducing weight, enhances digestion, improves heart health, carries out detoxification, enhances skin glow, increased rate of wound healing and is a rich source of vitamin E. With this the consumption of avocado oil is expected to increase in the coming years.

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Growing Urge for Healthy Life Coupled with Increasing Awareness to Fuel Demand of Avocado Oil in the Following Years

Higher consumer inclination towards healthy lifestyle has pushed the consumption of healthy food products and ingredients. Off late, people have become more conscious regarding their diet and food intake.in addition, obesity rate has also increased since 2016. During this period, more than 1.9 billion people, especially adults were overweight. According to WHO, obesity and over weight problems are the main causes of deaths. With this health trend spurring coupled with awareness regarding the consumption of healthy vegetables, fruits, such as avocados that reduce the cholesterol level and triglycerides is expected to aid the demand for avocado oil.

Avocado Oil to Witness High Consumption in Countries in Latin America

Increasing awareness regarding healthy lifestyle has driven the demand and consumption of avocado oil in Latin America. Latin America region has witnessed a high rate of occurrence of health problems such as heart diseases, chronic disorders and associated cardiovascular problems owing to high consumption of fats and poor lifestyle. This has resulted in an upsurge in the consumption of healthy diet and with growing awareness regarding advantages of avocado oil, its consumption has spurred across the region. In Latin America, consumption of avocado oil is largely observed in Mexico, which is considered as the largest producer and supplier of avocados. Moreover, the demand for avocado oil in North America is also expanding at a higher rate since couple of years, reason being associated with health disorders and prevalence of heart diseases. The avocado oil market in North America is projected to expand at a high rate in the coming years, followed by Asia Pacific excluding Japan.

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Increasing health awareness among people due to prevalence of chronic diseases and heart related disorders owing to improper diet and lifestyle is expected to be a major driving factor for the consumption of avocado oil. Advances in medical science and innovations in food nutrition have made it possible in producing essential oils that offer health benefits and are used in treating several health problems. Avocado oil is no exception. The growing popularity of this product has up surged its demand across various regions in the globe.

Fact.MR analysis on the global market for avocado oil reveals that the global avocado oil market is expected to witness stellar growth in the coming years. To back it up, the research anticipates that the sale of avocado oil in various applications across the globe is expected to surpass an estimate of US$ 1700 Mn. Moreover, the global avocado oil market is projected to expand at a volume CAGR of 6.7% during the period of assessment, 2017-2026, which reflects that volume sales of the product across the global scenario.

Key Highlights on the Global Avocado Oil Market

  • Region wise, Latin America is expected to showcase higher consumption of avocado oil in the coming years. Growth of the avocado oil market in this region is largely driven by avocado oil sales and exports from Mexico, which is the largest producer of avocado oil. Moreover, North America has shown high growth potential for avocado oil market owing to higher demand for the product due to health benefits it offers. North America avocado oil market is projected to expand at a high value CAGR of 8.7% during the forecast period

  • Extra-virgin avocado oil has gained high traction since past years. The sale of extra-virgin avocado oil is the largest as compared to other avocado oil product types. This is mainly because extra-virgin oil has a higher smoke point. It is produced at lower temperatures owing to which it has higher nutritional value, strong flavor and aroma. It has natural taste and is extensively used  for spreading, emulsifying, drizzling and dipping in cooking applications

  • By application, the retail segment is expected to lead the global avocado oil market. The sale of avocado oil for medicinal and cosmetic and personal care applications is also expected to trigger the growth of the global market during the forecast period

  • Sale of avocado oil from specialty stores is expected to touch an estimate of over US$ 550 Mn by 2026 end. Specialty stores segment is the largest with a high valuation and is poised to lead the global market. Also modern trade is expected to gain high traction in the coming years

  • By source, hass is a highly preferred choice for the production of avocado oil. The hass segment is expected to grow at a high value CAGR of 8.1% during the period of assessment

Table of Content:

  1. Global Economic and Business Outlook for Avocado Oil Market

  2. Global Avocado Oil Market - Executive Summary

  3. Global Avocado Oil Market Overview
    3.1. Introduction
    3.1.1. Global Avocado Oil Market Taxonomy
    3.1.2. Global Avocado Oil Market Definition
    3.2. Global Avocado Oil Market Size (US$ Mn) and Volume (Tonnes) and Forecast, 2012-2026
    3.2.1. Global Avocado Oil Market Y-o-Y Growth
    3.3. Global Avocado Oil Market Dynamics

Awareness oriented market strategies adopted by avocado oil suppliers creating new growth paths

Health Awareness – a key catalyzing factor of growth for avocado oil

Global Leaders Investing in R&D and Advanced Technologies to Develop Apt Substitutes for Fats

Newer industrial applications of avocado oil in various industries creating versatile opportunities

Other Critical Growth Drivers

Industry Challenges and how companies mitigating the risk

Creating white spaces by identifying and taking early movers advantage

3.4. Supply Chain Analysis and Operating Margins for Avocado Oil
3.4.1. Supply Chain Analysis
3.4.2. Value Chain Analysis
3.4.3. List of Active Participants

Raw Material



Distributors / Retailers

3.5. Cost Structure for Avocado Oil Production
3.6. Pricing Analysis for Avocado Oil
3.6.1. Price Point Assessment by Region
3.6.2. Price Point Assessment by Product Type
3.6.3. Price Forecast till 2026
3.6.4. Factors Influencing Pricing
3.7. PESTLE Analysis of Avocado Oil
3.8. Product Positioning Assessment
3.9. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
3.10. Investment Feasibility Matrix
3.11. Wheel of Fortune
3.12. Forecast Factors and Relevance of Impact
3.13. Competition Market Footprint Matrix
3.14. Fatty Acid Types in Different Oils
3.15. Global Avocado Trade Activity Outlook
3.15.1. World Avocado Production Trend
3.15.2. Production Value Chain
3.15.3. Top Avocado Producing Countries


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