Published: Wed Dec 05 2018

Quasar Creations INC, a developer of innovative devices for tablets, will preview Stick Tab, the first combo tablet holder stand with a sticky pad that attaches firmly to the back of the tablet without leaving a residue, on Indiegogo. Stick Tab’s optional in-handle rechargeable battery also makes it easy to connect and charge your tablet even while using it.

"Stick Tab is an economic breakthrough. People won’t need to buy multiple iPad or Kindle stands ever again," said Don Baker, vice president of marketing for Quarsar Creations INC. "The Stick Tab is both a tablet stand and a holder with an ergonomic handle that solves discomfort people have when holding a tablet or e-reader for long periods," added Baker. "The product was developed to make tablets more functional and fun to use."

Stick Tab holds tablets and e-readers of any size and made of any material. It uses a special polymer sticky pad that are like millions of microscopic suction cups which firmly holds the tablet without needing to be permanently attached to the tablet. The tablet can easily be removed from the sticky pad and the special sticky polymer leaves no residue on the device. It can be used over and over and when the pad becomes less sticky after extensive usage, it regains its original stickiness by simply washing it using a drop of liquid soap and water.

The USB charger inside the Stick Tab handle is removable and can be used to charge the tablet even when the tablet is in use, or to charge any USB compatible device like smart phones, GPS, cameras etc.

Stick Tab is the world’s first universal tablet/e-reader holder and the last tablet holder you’ll ever need.

For more information or advance orders for this innovative product, visit the Indiegogo campaign, at this link below:

Quasar Creations INC is a design and marketing company based in Quebec, known for branding, trademark, design and utilities patents, copyrighting, and global licensing.

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