Bottled Water Market Analysis highlighting Opportunities and Development Status during 2017-2022

Published: Tue Dec 11 2018

This research report titled "Bottled Water Market Analysis highlighting Opportunities and Development Status during 2017-2022" focuses on the rising global bottled water market growth, published to the vast repository managed by FactMR. The analysis focuses on the prime geographical regions based on their market size, revenue and attractiveness factors. Furthermore, the research discusses various segments from the Bottled Water Market to examine future lucrativeness and spot growth prospects during the period between (2017-2022).  Readers can even access information such as key developments, technologies, innovations, etc., concerned to the Bottled Water Market.

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Bottled water has captured the worldwide consumer demand for safe and contaminant-free water in meeting the hydration requirements. The rising health concern arising from consuming contaminated water that are mostly sourced from tap water is a key factor bolstering the demand in the bottled water market. The lack of readily available safe drinking water for populations especially in developing countries and concerns about municipal tap water being contaminated are propositions that has supported the rapid expansion of the bottled water market. Manufacturers in the bottled water market are increasingly capitalizing on consumer concerns about the presence of chemical contaminants in the tap water, making it unfit for drinking for the population. This may be attributed to the lack of adequate regulations for ensuring the safety of tap water in several communities in developing regions all over the world. The convenient availability of bottled water and their affordability has been key factors bolstering the uptake in such communities, thus boosting the bottled water market. Bottled water also pitch higher attractiveness from their notable health benefits. The trend is evident in the rising demand for flavored and functional bottled water.

New Flavors and Constant Advancement in Treatment Technologies to boost Bottled Water Market 

Several manufacturers and beverages companies in the global bottled water market are also tapping on lucrative avenues arising out of growing inclination of consumers to shift from aerated and carbonated drinks to healthy drinking water containing minerals. Among the various types of products in the bottled water market, the demand for distilled bottle type is expected to emerge at a higher growth rate than all others by the end of 2022. Apart from this, the sale of spring bottled water dominates currently and is expected to remain so. The presence of natural minerals and qualities in spring bottled water is what drives the popularity of this product type. Constant efforts to introduce new flavors that meet the changing preferences of consumers in the bottles water market is fueling the growth of the market. Coupled with this, advances in treatment technologies are catalyzing the rapid strides that the bottled water market is witnessing over the assessment period. 

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Although bottled water have been considered safer than tap water and contaminant-free, not every trend favors the demand. This is mainly on account of the packaging of bottled water and less strict implementation of regulations governing regulation in less developed regions. There is mounting health concern from the plastics used in packaging bottled water as they are found to leach toxic chemicals into the water when bottled water is stored for long time or at high temperatures. Brands in the bottled water market strive to overcome these challenges by introducing BPA-free plastics. A more important concern can be the presence of these toxic chemicals when bottled water is transported from one region to another. Nevertheless, companies are searching for better packaging materials and also introducing products that meet stringent manufacturing regulations prevailing in developed countries, to overcome these constraints in the bottled water market.

The evaluations help market participants to identify prominent investment pockets and avenues in various product segments such as spring water, purified water, mineral water, sparkling bottled water, artisan well water, tap water, and distilled bottled water. The analyses takes a closer look at prospects in key sales channels in the bottled water market such as wholesales, supermarket, convenience store, online retailers, and grocery stores.  

Market Definition

Bottled water essentially consists of various types of packaged drinking water and is considered contaminant free. Various products in the bottled water market contain various health promoting ingredients and help in not just meeting the hydration needs of consumers but also offer a number of functional benefits. The demand for bottled water stored in PET bottles is gathering pace among consumers, especially in developing and developed nations. A large chunk of sales in the bottled water market is done using retail stores and from wholesalers. Furthermore, several companies are also focusing on environmental-friendly water treatment technologies and better packaging materials, which will open promising avenues in the market.

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