Published: Wed Dec 12 2018

This month GMA Garnet Group, the global leader in the production and supply of industrial garnet for the abrasive blasting and waterjet cutting industries, is celebrating 35 years of operation.

Since commencing in 1983, GMA has evolved from a simple operation based in Port Gregory in Western Australia to a truly global organisation supplying the finest quality industrial garnet to industries around the world.

In addition to its Australian operations, the Group produces high-quality crushed garnet from a hard rock garnet mine in Alder, Montana, USA. GMA also has processing plants in Philadelphia, Louisiana, and a new processing and recycling plant coming on line in Coos Bay, Oregon.

GMA complements its full supply-chain from mine to customer with deep technical and sales support via its own sales teams and in partnership with leading regional distributors, providing a network of more than 100 distribution outlets worldwide.

GMA CEO Stephen Gobby said the 35 year anniversary was an important milestone – a chance for the company to reflect on its evolution from a simple operation in Australia to the world’s trusted leader in industrial garnet.

"From those first pioneering days over 35 years ago, we have constantly set ourselves the highest standards and have led the way in innovation and improvement across the industry," Mr Gobby said.
"We now have two mines, eight processing plants, 13 offices and over 430 dedicated employees around the world providing the highest quality garnet, technical solutions and sales support to our customers in more than 80 countries globally.

"Our pioneering employees, some of whom are still working with us, recognized the high value potential of garnet as an industrial mineral abrasive, and 35 years later we supply more than 600,000 tons of garnet to the waterjet cutting and protective coating industries each year."

GMA is the only garnet producer to own the entire supply chain – mine, processing and distribution of its products - ensuring security of supply, consistent product quality, technical support and after sales service to its customers.

"Owning the entire supply chain ensures that we can provide the product, service and expertise that enables our customers the freedom to operate and do their job well," Mr Gobby said.

Over its 35 year history, GMA has led the way in innovation and improvement across the industry. The Group has been contributing to the advancement of waterjet cutting technology in such precision industries as aerospace, defence, automotive and construction.

GMA also pioneered the widespread use of garnet for blast cleaning, providing optimum performance for oil and gas companies, shipyards, industrial coatings service providers and fabricators amongst many others.

"Our focus on product quality and service has improved the efficiency, safety and environmental impact of abrasive blasting. In addition,

‘We have led the industry in environmentally sustainable production, including the development of recycling technologies," Mr Gobby said.

"It is with thanks to our customers, partners and communities that we celebrate this anniversary. We look forward to continuing our work together, putting our customers first, creating change through our pioneering spirit and innovation, and continuing to demonstrate that at GMA we are about more than just garnet."

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