Outdoor Warning Sirens Market Poised for Steady Growth in the Future 2018-2028

Published: Fri Dec 14 2018

Warnings are to inform people about unfortunate and unexpected situations, such as presence of any source of threat (industrial, natural and others), which could threaten their property or lives. There are mainly two types of warnings: indoor warnings and outdoor warning. Outdoor warnings reach out to entire communities. Outdoor warning sirens are used to alert people about emergencies, such as natural hazards, extreme weather conditions, nuclear accidents, flooding, manmade hazards, etc. Outdoor warning sirens use numerous tones in which every tone has its own denotation. These outdoor warning sirens generate sound through mechanical, electromechanical and electronic means and are able to produce noticeable signals ranging from variable pitch tones and frequency to live voice messages. Outdoor warning sirens vary in terms of functionality, design, features and performance. Outdoor warning sirens are used both during times of peace as well as during wars and emergencies. Peace time sirens are used to inform people about natural disasters, such as floods, hurricanes, landslides, volcanos and others. Industrial disasters include radioactive leaks from biological and chemical weapons. In case of emergencies and wars, outdoor warning sirens are used to inform people about harm installations (biological, chemical and nuclear), air barrages, use of weapons of mass destruction by the enemy, etc.

In recent years, natural disasters have become more frequent and severe. Climate change, growth in carbon emission and harmful human activities to nature are some of the factors contributing to the growth of factors that lead to natural disasters. With significant growth in these conditions, demand for outdoor warning sirens is also expected to escalate during the forecast period. Governments in every region install outdoor warning sirens for disaster declaration. These outdoor warning sirens use modern digital technology. With advancements in technology and incorporation of digitalization in outdoor warning systems, the outdoor warning sirens market is expected to grow further during the forecast period.

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China is expected to hold the majority share in the outdoor warning sirens market as the natural distress intensity in the country is greater than in any other country. China has placed outdoor warning sirens in its most of the towns and cities, particularly those located in or close to disputed territories. North America, followed by Europe, is expected to hold prominent share in the Outdoor Warning Sirens Market. In Europe, Switzerland currently has 8,500 mobile and stationary civil defense sirens. Every town, city and village in the U.K. has a network of dual-tone sirens. Norway has about 1,250 operational sirens and Austria is estimated to have installed 8,203 sirens devices since 2012. The growing number of natural disasters in these regions is expected to drive the outdoor warning sirens market growth. Middle-Eastern countries, such as Iran, Iraq and Israel, amongst others, are very high risk military conflict areas. This create high requirement for outdoor warning sirens to warn the public about possible attacks or invasion. Asia Pacific countries, such as India, North Korea, Singapore and Japan, are also incorporating numerous sirens for safety purposes. Latin America is expected to deliver moderate growth in the outdoor warning sirens market.

Some of the top manufacturers in the Outdoor Warning Sirens market are: American Signal Corporation (DH Sales Group, LLC), Mid-State Communications & Electronics, Inc., Whelen Engineering, Acoustic Technology, Inc., Capital Electronics Inc. (Federal Signal corporation), Walker Industrial etc.

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