Global Kneeboard Market Forecast Covering Growth Inclinations & Development Strategies until 2028

Published: Wed Dec 19 2018

Though kneeboarding is similar to waterskiing or surfing, it is a unique water sport and a recreational activity, which is gaining popularity among individuals across the world. As kneeboarding requires lesser physical skills as compared to other water sports such as wakeboarding or surfing, the participation of beginners in kneeboarding is increasing, and this is triggering demand for kneeboards all around the world. Kneeboarding is more popular among novices and children, who are yet to get introduced with various water sports. In addition, it is a family-oriented water sport, which is further leading to cause a surge in demand for kneeboards. This is expected to remain one of the most important drivers for the growth of the Kneeboard Market in the near future.

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Meanwhile, consumers are becoming highly conscious about making a well-informed decision while purchasing kneeboards. This is leading to making market players more focused towards identifying the exact needs of end-users and then planning their manufacturing as well as marketing strategies. A majority of leading manufacturers of kneeboards are introducing different types of kneeboards for recreational and professional purposes. This certainly reflects in their choice of board styles, rope and handle types, and the type of materials used to manufacture kneeboards. Adopting appropriate business strategies based on the dynamic consumer demands is expected to remain one of the most popular trends in the kneeboard market in the foreseeable future.

The prospects of kneeboard manufacturers continue to be adversely impacted owing to waning interest in kneeboarding at both amateur and professional levels. Marked preference towards wakeboarding and other modern ski sports has meant that manufacturers are facing multi-pronged pressures to stay competitive. The impact of the declining interest is palpable, as the shelf space allocated to kneeboards and accessories in retail outlets is shrinking. The outlook on kneeboard market remains moderate, and it will take concerted efforts on part of all stakeholders to induce momentum in this flailing marketplace.

According to a report published by Monash University Accident Research Center, the ratio of sports enthusiasts exposed to injuries while wakeboarding was high in 2015 as compared to kneeboarding. Statistics compiled in the report reveal that 5% of the emergency cases were recorded while kneeboarding, whereas 10% of the emergency cases were recorded while wakeboarding.

Despite the high number of emergency cases while wakeboarding, participation has remained high in this sport as compared to kneeboarding. Water skiing enthusiasts are increasingly equating the risk elements with the thrill factor in the boardsport. Perceptions pertaining to the lack of thrill associated with lower risks while riding the waves has further encouraged individuals to participate in wakeboarding. Bound to these factors, market growth is likely to remain subdued during the assessment period.

To magnetize the attention of water ski sports enthusiasts, manufacturers are focusing on allocating their investment towards diversifying their product portfolio for amateurs and professionals. Prominent market leaders are concentrating on incorporating innovative designs in the kneeboards to improve the riding experience of the sports enthusiasts. Notable examples include,

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O’Brien, a leading watersports equipment manufacturer, continues to maintain its lead in the market. The company is focused towards developing kneeboards equipped with high-end features such as shock absorbing deep knee wells, comfort molded flex pad, progressive rocker line, and padded adjustable strap. In addition, the company is concentrating on incorporating unique sandwich construction, which offers an aerodynamic design to the board.

Connelly, a prominent watersport company, has recently developed a range of kneeboards for the amateurs and professionals. The company is focused towards developing a range of multi-purpose kneeboards with retractable fins as well as twin-tip designs that enable users to perform various types of riding in the water. The company is equipping these kneeboards with twin fin setup and EVA surf pad incorporated with ultra-grippy features.

Kneeboard manufacturers are integrating sandwich technology and PowerLock technology to offer improved product features and enhanced experience to the sports enthusiasts. Notable examples include,

HO Sports, a leading water skiing equipment manufacturing company, is developing kneeboards with enhanced safety features. The company is concentrating on incorporating Powerlock technology in a range of kneeboards to offer a comfortable and safe wave riding experience. Kneeboards offered by this company molded compression construction along with a padded base and deep tracking channels to offer improved landing and stability.

O’Brien has focused on developing a range of kneeboards incorporated with the sandwich technology to offer enhanced controls and lightweight In addition, the company is concentrating on incorporating this technology to integrate flexible and automatic features. In order to offer enhanced riding experience, the company is equipping a range of kneeboards with softer flex pattern and continuous rocker.

Overall, growing popularity of wakeboarding has magnetized the attention of amateurs and professional water ski enthusiasts. However, leading manufacturers are focusing on magnetizing the attention of individuals towards kneeboard equipment through offering multi-purpose kneeboards equipped with various automatic and safety features. In addition, market leaders are concentrating on integrating innovative and advanced technology solutions to incorporate flexibility and offer enhanced controls to the riders. On the account of these factors, the kneeboard market is likely to witness a staggering growth over the coming years.

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