Ablesites Frees Small Businesses from Expensive Directory Contracts

Published: Fri Dec 21 2018

Well-established Internet marketing consultancy Inteltab has announced the launch of its website design service. The service, called Ablesites, is aimed at small businesses who have a listing in online directories and which are either yet to have a website of their own, or who are trapped inside lengthy contracts with expensive and spurious "hosting" fees.

Ablesites’ founder, Peter Laws, sees the new service as a liberation of small businesses from the tyranny of old offline directories which have lost their way. "With the advent of the Internet, many large, hard copy directories which had for many years dominated business listings found that the rug had been pulled from under them and they just didn’t know what to do", says Laws.

"They had no idea that the Internet brought with it different user behavior, and thought that the path to survival was to charge huge fees for building websites, with ludicrous ongoing charges which they describe as ‘hosting’. And on top of that, their customers don’t even own their own site.

"Business hosting normally costs less than £8 on a shared server with good technical support. But I’ve heard horror stories of businesses being charged £96 a month for this. What makes it worse is that businesses are tied into 12 month contracts."

Laws’ new service sources high quality web design from overseas where costs are low but quality remains high, and this saving can be passed onto his clients. All Ablesites’ websites come with a lead gathering function at their core, "together with looking great on all devices," he adds. "The whole point of Ablesites is that it is truly enabling for the business that owns it."

All Ablesites websites are unique in that they allow their business owner to make quick changes such as new telephone numbers and contact details without having to go back to the web developer with their cheque book, as the text content of the sites can be edited using an HTML editor which is supplied to the client at no charge. "If you can use a word processor then you can make quick changes to your own website whenever you like. Our whole ethos is to make everything as convenient as possible for the business owner, not artificially difficult.

"In some cases a client will just ask us to make a very similar site to the one they’ve already got. All they want to do really is to transfer out of the hands of the directory and the contract they’re tied to, paying up to several thousand a year. In cases like that the opportunity exists to make the website a bit better, of course. These improvements are always well received."

Ablesites offers a free keyword research service as part of its web design package. "If the keyword research isn’t right, then everything that follows won’t be right either", says Laws.

The cost of an Ablesites’ site has been reduced for the festive period only, from the normal price tag of £925, down to £495.

"This very attractive package will release business owners from the nightmare of being tied to an expensive contract with unjustified overheads. They can start the New Year with a great new website which costs very little and only £10 a month maintenance for local SEO monitoring."

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