Greenhouse Kit Market Projected to Experience Major Revenue Boost during the Period Between 2018-202

Published: Wed Dec 26 2018

Greenhouse is the technique of creating favorable environmental conditions to facilitate the growth of plants. It also plays a vital role in creating an ideal microclimate for plants.

Greenhouses are framed or inflated structures covered with transparent or translucent materials and is large enough to grow crops under partial or fully controlled environmental conditions to get optimum growth and productivity.

The Global Market for greenhouse kits has global reach with thousands of regional & global players operating in the market. Unfavorable climatic condition & increasing profit will boost the demand for greenhouse kits globally during the forecast period.

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Key Factors for Market Growth

Over the past decade, Greenhouse farming as well as the greenhouse kit market has transformed and like other industries, the greenhouse kit industry has become global in nature. Unfavorable climatic conditions continue to add to the growth of the greenhouse kit market. Furthermore, a greenhouse may result in 10-12 times stronger yield than a regular field, which is another factor likely to boost the demand for greenhouse kits. The Greenhouse industry caters to both the flowers & off season’s vegetable market. The trend of off-season, year-round production of vegetables & fruits will increase the consumption of greenhouse kits. Collectively, all these factors are contributing to the demand for greenhouse kits and the global market for greenhouse kits is projected to witness mid-single digit growth over the forecast period.

Aluminum is Most Preferred among others

The Greenhouse kit Market is segmented on the basis of size, frame material, glazing material & type of fitting of the greenhouse kit.

However, among all the sizes of greenhouse kits, large greenhouse kits have been reported to account for a leading share in sales. In terms of material used for framing of greenhouse kit, aluminium, wood, resin, steel & PVC are the key materials used for the manufacturing of frames for greenhouse kits. Aluminum is preferred over other materials for framing of greenhouses and is followed by steek, wood & PVC.

Multiwall polycarbonate & solexx are being highly used as glazing materials, while other glazing materials, such as tempered glass, polythene film & corrugated polycarbonate sheets, are also showing their presence moderately.

However, on the basis of fit of the greenhouse attached, greenhouse kits are used in large areas whereas freestanding greenhouse kits are used in medium and small areas generally.  

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Legacy Market Continue to Dominate

There are more than 50 countries in the world where cultivation of crops is being undertaken on the commercial scale. In the United States of America, about 4,000 ha area is under Greenhouse and this area continues to increase, which will boost the demand for greenhouse kits in America. Increasing preference for hydroponically grown greenhouse vegetables in Canada, which are twice as expensive as regular greenhouse products, will further increase the greenhouse kit demand in the region.

Europe is one of the major markets for Greenhouse kits. European countries, such as Spain, Italy & Netherlands, are the largest markets for greenhouse kits in Europe as they have 25,000 ha, 18,500 ha & 89,600 ha of the area, respectively, under greenhouse, which is leading to the market showing high growth in the greenhouse kit market. Netherland is the traditional exporter of greenhouse-grown flowers & vegetables all over the world. This tradition of Netherlands will continue to pull the market for Greenhouse kits in the coming years.

In the Asia Pacific, China & Japan are the largest users of greenhouse kits. Development of greenhouses in China has been faster than in any other country in the world. China alone has 48,000 ha of area under greenhouse, of which 11,000 ha is used for fruits only. This area is expected to further grow in the next few years.

In Gulf countries, the development of greenhouse is primarily due to the extremity in the prevailing climatic conditions. Israel is the largest exporter of cut flowers and has around 15,000 ha area under greenhouse.

Unfavorable climate conditions will result in huge demand for greenhouse kits during the forecast period.

Market Player – Ultimate Growth Factor

The concentration of greenhouse kit market players is high in North America, Europe & Asia Pacific while in other regions, the market is dominated by both regional as well as global players. Some of the major players in the greenhouse kit market are backyard Greenhouse, International Greenhouse Company, Essex Greenhouse, National Greenhouse Company, Growers Supply, Texas Green House Company Inc., Hobby Greenhouse, H2othouse Greenhouse Inc.& Shenzhen Herifi Technology Co. Ltd.

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