Global Micro Motor Market Highlighting Regional Revenue Share Dominance during 2017-2022

Published: Thu Jan 03 2019

A leading company specializing in precision motion control and micro motor solutions has specifically introduced a range of medical motors that powers up an extensive range of medical devices, including ventilation equipment, surgical hand tools, respiratory devices, radiation therapy devices, biopsy systems, therapeutic guns, and medical pumps. While automation in medical and healthcare systems has been a known concept for the recent past, the aforementioned medical micro motors stand out owing to their superior miniaturization and high power performance.

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Other peculiarities of medical micro motors include high motor efficiency, sterilization, significantly low vibration, and precise control. With introduction of targeted micro motors enhancing functionality and efficiency of a number of medical devices and equipment, it is likely that micro motor manufacturers and innovators will explore interesting business opportunities in the medical and healthcare industry. A recent innovation that includes the development of micro and nano motors that potentially serve as compact, non-invasive medical delivery and healthcare monitoring systems, is being perceived as the revolutionary development in the world of medicine.

Ascending Significance of Automotive Safety to Translate into Steadily Growing Micro Motor Sales

With soaring automotive production, the demand for active and passive vehicular safety systems is also witnessing a constant rise over the past decade. Emergency braking systems, night vision systems, seat belts, airbags, and anti-lock braking systems include some of the most prominent automotive components contributing a significant share to the micro motor market revenue. Advancing technologies in the drive-by-wire such as brake-by-wire, shift-by-wire, steer-by-wire, and electronic throttle control (ETC) will also sustain the Micro Motor Market Growth. Furthermore, escalating adoption of in-wheel micro drive systems is expected to specifically favor the sales of high-torque micro motor in the near future.

Booming Automation at Research Laboratories to Boost Micro Motor Market

Besides in-vitro medical diagnostic centers, laboratories are increasingly adopting automation process - pushing the demand for micro motors. Automation in analytical laboratories, though not a new concept, is majorly dependent on the functioning of micro motors. When volumes of samples are due for rapid testing and faster results, laboratories opt for operational automation with the help of micro motor delivers high throughput at relatively lower costs. Moreover, the probability of manual error is completely eliminated, which will remain a key factor driving demand for micro motor driven automation. Manufacturers in micro motor market serving pharmaceutical, molecular biology, food technology, and chemical testing laboratories are focusing on incorporating high precision and dynamics for smoother operations.

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Micro Motor Market Players to Explore New Opportunities Provided by EV Manufacturers

Brushless DC micro motor has been observing robust expansion with growing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) over the recent past. The latest example of the deployment of brushless DC micro motor is the new M3 smart module platform - SQUIGGLE motor - developed with the new scale technologies. This piezoelectric micro motor is highly compact in size and is being considered to be breakthrough innovation in the micro motor space. Developed with an objective to achieve high performance, this and more such innovations are likely to improve the prospects for micro motor market in the near future.

Competitive Landscape Analysis: Global Micro Motor Market

ABB Ltd., Mabuchi Motor Co. Ltd., Johnson Electric Holdings Limited, Mitsuba Corp., Wellings Holdings Ltd., Constar Micromotor Co. Ltd., Nidec Corporation, Maxon Motors AG, Buhler Motors GmbH., and Asmo Co. Ltd. are among the leading players participating in the competitive space of the global micro motor market. The report offers an extensive analysis of the company profiles, market shares, recent developmental strategies, and current and prospected financial performance.

In the backdrop of the latest industry trends, a majority of competitors in the global micro motor market are investing their efforts in developing micro motors for a plethora of disposable medical devices, experimenting affordable automation of routine industrial tasks, and exploring micro motor applicability in consumer products. Key players are proactively taking steps to adapt to evolving globalization pressures by concentrating on reliability and accuracy through high-throughput manufacturing.

Johnson Electric announced the launch of its new line of products in the DC micro motor section. These micro motors are exceptionally compact in terms of design and aim to improve the automotive fuel efficiency. Claimed to represent the industry's highest power density, these motors significantly contribute to reduced vehicular weight.

Protean Electric, the global in-wheel motor technology leader, recently launched a new in-wheel electric drive system specifically for hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and battery powered light-duty EVs. In-wheel micro motors are readily installed in un-used spaces behind the wheels, which eliminate the need for differentials, gearbox and drive shafts – offering additional design flexibility to automakers.

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