Empass Learning Collaborates With Bennett University For Real-life AI Projects

Published: Thu Jan 31 2019

Empass Learning has confirmed its sponsorship of an AI Project "Use of Facial and Speech Emotion Recognition for Improving Hiring" at Bennett University, a private interdisciplinary research university located in Greater Noida.

With this, Empass (www.empass.mobi) has joined the league of select sponsors who will offer their own model to Bennett students and professors for research and development.

Empass Hire, an AI-enabled talent acquisition tool by Empass, enables sourcing and remote screening of qualified candidates for workforce transformation. It uses AI for screening applicants on their device through video (facial-emotion recognition), audio (speech sentiment analysis), aptitude and technical know-how, and makes assessments standardised and objective thereby augmenting the human recruiter effort in selecting the best fit applicants.

Not only does this make it cost-effective, it also aims to reduce bias creeping in due to different human recruiters doing the screening. The Empass tool is an end-to-end AI tool that uses machine learning & deep neural networks to mimic and improve existing talent acquisition process.

Leading India in Al is a unique initiative to turbocharge the AI ecosystem in India. The project is supported by NVIDlA, AWS, Royal Academy of Engineering-UK, University College London -UK, Brunel University-UK and AICTE-lndia.

Under this initiative, the NVIDlA-Bennett Centre for Research in Al at Bennett University has created a hub and bespoke model for AI-related skills and research with 10 collaborator institutions, 100 zonal lead institutions and 1000 basic partner institutions.

Apart from skill training, the main emphasis is on incubating research groups in 100 Zonal institutions and nurturing them to grow into quality research groups on the sub-domains of Al. The project facilitates deeper interaction between academia and industry through internships, co-creation of AI applications, hackathons, workshops and entrepreneurial exchange.

The leadingindia.ai Industry Project (LIP) gives the industry sponsor an opportunity to assess the student potential on an actual project, thus helping them make an informed choice. Benefits include extra resources and preferential access to all the industry sponsors.

As the LIP is a mandatory part of compliance under the leadingindia.ai initiative, the student teams and institutions are geared to a high level of performance. The LIP management team actively monitors project progress and employs a rigorous evaluation process which includes feedback from all stakeholders, to ensure deliverables are met.

Speaking about this partnership, Jaydeep Singh, Founder & CEO of Empass Learning, said "We are extremely excited to partner Bennett University and Leadingindia.ai initiative. The best of the talent available in our academic institutions needs to be identified and provided with real-life use cases to hone their skills. It is a win-win for both the industry and the academic institution."

Prof. Deepak Garg, Director of Leadingindia.ai Initiative and head of NVIDIA Bennett AI Research lab said, "We are committed to developing and disseminating AI knowledge, skills and technologies at scale. We are grateful to our industry sponsor partners for supporting our mission and making the learning meaningful for our students and researchers."

About Bennett University

Extending the core journalistic principles of Trust, knowledge and public service, Bennett Coleman and Co. Ltd.(BCCL) established over 178 years ago continues to undertake initiatives for the betterment of Indian society.

In the same spirit, the group has launched Bennett university with the help of Ivy League partners - Cornell & Georgia Tech (USA). The University is spread across a 68-acre world class campus in Greater Noida and is home to engineering, management, law and media schools.

About Empass

Empass Learning (www.empass.mobi) is a leading independent provider of cloud-based skill development and talent management solutions. We give businesses software-as-a-service solution that provides instant results whether they want to attract, hire, retain or build their talent. With innovative mobile and web-based assessment solutions in emerging technologies and other business skills we use adaptive assessments, spaced repetition and gamification best practices to improve the learner engagement and assessment experience. Empass is a NASSCOM-10,000 Startup Warehouse-incubated company based out of Gurugram, India.

For more information, please contact:

Amitesh Gir (amitesh.gir@bennett.edu.in)

Aditi Verma (aditiverma@empass.mobi)
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Contact Email: asavari.sharma.100@gmail.com

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